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Winter is coming? Winter is HERE!

My second Q in a row at #TheSchoolYard is not how it should be, even as YHC enters the six month of site Q - YHC still is learning the ropes of getting new Q's and VQ's - a goal YHC has for 2018. The morning started out at 28 degrees and YHC met Fertile at 0420 for EC...

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Stitches Run Strong VQ

I was missing out on F3 and decided I needed to get back out there. I went to run strong, and got roped into my first run strong q the following week. Warm Up 15 SSH IC 15 High Knees IC The Thang Mosey to Science and Technology Building stairwell. Go back for the six...

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Out of the Comfortzone

YHC stood alone in a empty lot, for once actually early, questioning his rationale for being there, and quietly hoping no one showed. Early, Cold, Wet, the things that make a Saturday morning fartsack seem like the place to be. As headlights appeared at the round...

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Let’s Run…

Site Q, Abu, had put out a challenge for people to Q at different places and said PAX could do a Co-Q if wanted. YHC showed interest and brought up the idea at the Rush where Slim Jim (Double Respect) said he would assist. YHC saw Abu at Footloose's Pub Run at Uptown...

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As the site Q, YHC wants to always bring the beat down so that the PAX will get their monies worth. YHC showed up for 0420 EC Ruck and was joined by Jock Itch, Pied Piper and Patch. We circled back at 0440 to see if anyone would join us. Not to be. Off we went towards...

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No More Jiggles

Jiggles was eager to Q so I (Momma's Boy) took the Co-Q to help him out on his maiden voyage. Opening Warm up • Good Mornings • 10 Flutter Kicks • 10 Box Cutters • 10 X-Factor • James Bond--30 sec hold each position The Thang Mosey to the Baseball Field Routine of...

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Yipee Ki-Yay Pt2

YHC Q'd The Sandlot a few months back and gave the Pax choice of two envelopes, each with a different workout plan in them. At that time the Pax choose envelope # 2. Bad Boy asked YHC to Q the SL again, so I figured it was perfect time to dig out envelope # 1 and give...

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Bear Humpers

Warm up: 10 good mornings: 15 imperial walkers: 20 side straddle hops: 25 WW1. Then we moseyed from the flag to the rock pile. Then 15 hand release bupees oyo, mosey to the exercise equipment 15 box cutters oyo, next mosey to next intersection, now some money humpers...

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Monday M.A.S.H. with the Closed Hand

  Warm Up: SSH, Merkins, High Knees Round 1: Mosey from Gate 6 to the bottom of the hill before the parking lot for Jacob's Ladder, plank for the Six. Round 2: Mosey down to the parking lot adjacent to Charles Blvd for some rounds of 4 corners. Start with merkins...

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