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Rucking with the Clydesdales

YHC has been missing out on RuckReady the last couple months, so when Bench asked me to Q the Clydesdale, I knew I wanted to bring a little ruck action to Gate 5. I put a message out on the Twitter machine the night before to let the PAX know to bring a 20lb-ish...

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Well Hydrated

Pulled up to the Collard Patch a little early because I needed to count lights and remember where Shelters were in case the rain came down hard.   Others started rolling up and as we were talking I realized I had forgotten my shovel flag, luckily Aquaman came to the...

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This Is All We Did

  6 PAX took me up on an EC run at 0500 while 2 EC rucked starting at 0440. It was 0502 and Abu said “are we going to run or just stand and talk?” Off we went. Stopping at 0525 just in time for the fun I had planned. 0530 hit and we were off.   Disclaimer.   Warmup: 5...

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Doubtfire’s VQ with the Coneheads

Today was my VQ (Patch asked my back in January) and I asked for all the PAX to be gentle this morning. We had a total of 15 PAX this morning who braved the gloom and doom.  For those that know me – this was a big step out of my comfort zone. Since joining F3 in early...

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Real men Doubles Luge

THE Hot Spot asked me to Q the 116 last week, so of course I had to say Aye! Pre-work out he gave me a US Cellular beverage container; water, beer, or coffee, your choice.  Thanks for the cup.  Being that this was my second time Qing I had to utilize my weinke again....

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Open for Posting

FMB gets quite a bit of credit here for getting this rolling! He tweeted out he needed a Monday morning beatdown. Didn't take long for Scotty Moe to take ownership and get it started. He even has about 6 queues out booked on the calendar. Wow, he has never been a Site...

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The Noid

Although I have been to the stadium workouts on many occasions on a Monday & Friday, this was my first chance to to be a Q (thanks to Bambino).  As a personal challenge, I've also been working to add some FNG's to the PAX for 2018.  The topic of F3 will get brought up...

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The Experiment

On a fateful night last fall, Belly Dancer and YHC dreamed a dream. As a college pastor, I had been yearning to see more college students posting at F3. I had headlocked several, but rarely did they last; 0530 proved too high a barrier. But then the dream - what if we...

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Block party in Lil W

We met at 1st Baptist due to roads being blocked off for 1/2 marathon which Enron, Novocain and other brothers ran in.  Had the cinders lined up and though this was my VQ and I did not set alarm at home things went well with the help of Double D. Warm-ups - Good...

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Expansion Comes to a Close!

 YHC was scheduled to Q the last weekend of the Farmville expansion. YHC talked to Mayhem on Monday night and Mayhem called for a VQ. YHC contacted a view Farmville PAX members and asked them would they be interested in getting that VQ! Jennay told YHC that he wasn't...

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