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Chariots of Fire: Le Grande Tour Part Trois

YHC was all set to continue Le Grande Tour when the opportunity to Q came up and it was quickly decided that this needed to be a group Q. Thus Chariots of Fire was born. The men who invited YHC on a great journey with them around a fire in a brother's backyard is one...

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Wet and Wild

YHC arrived at #BLB to see the Magnificent Master of the Deep patiently waiting for the festivities to start. Carried the KBs to the flag and greeted my brother. Out of the gloom 3 men emerged and little did YHC know that they would have JOKES for the next hour...

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Can someone hold my pole?

BJ, Lynard Skynyrd, Patch (respect), and Chimichanga, decided to warm up before the workout with a little EC ruck. WARMUP Good mornings' 10X IC Imperial Walkers 10X IC SSH's 10X IC THANG Coupons: 5 gallon bucket 1/2 full. 60lb sandbag. The pole. a 5'x4" PVC pipe full...

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Q-Source: The F3 Leadership Manual

The same #HIM who brought you “Freed to Lead” have been working on “Q-Source: The F3 Leadership Manual”. F3 Nation has requested each F3 region to disseminate this information to the PAX. As all PAX who regularly post knows, iron sharpens iron. Therefore, rather than passing this information out for men to read alone, we are setting up a time to process this information as a group.

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Quieting the Mumblechatter

As soon as I stepped out of my car this morning, the PAX was giving me a hard time about Qing a bootcamp workout.  YHC has been on the run for a few months now so my ability was in question.  As soon as the count begins, it all comes back. Warmup 15 IC Seal Jacks 10...

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Box burpees with da Bros

Warmup SSH x 20 IW x 17 Daisy pickers x 15 Plank Spider man stretch Mosey around the parking lot The Thang Pair up One partner did Box burpees on the bench by the gate while the other partner ran to pirate statue and did 5 mule kicks. 2 partner merkins on the switch....

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Battle the elements

YHC and Scotty Moe met for EC Ruck at 0600.. We circled back at 0700 to find Dark Web waiting. We gave him a ruck and said follow us. We rucked to the town commons. The goal was to log some miles with some PT so we would shuffle halfway around the circle and perform...

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The 12 Days of Ruckmas

Today was a big wet mess. Rain was predicted, which meant that only real men would dare to post. 6 studs posted this morning to experience a little bit of Christmas. Lynyrd brought my sandbag back after using it for his Pathfinder course, so we hoisted that and took...

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The Grinch

YHC showed up at the Stadium at 0515 to see what appears like 5 homeless men who were attacked by neon jelly fish - one of those men looked back longingly at me, but all 5 took off for the Coop Mile. At 0530, 7 studs showed up at First Aid for a little taste of the...

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