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That Was Close!

Warm Up Broga for 3 and SSH x 25 IC for all The Thang Left on Sylvania, Left on Mill St, Left on Reedy Branch Rd, Left on Church St, Right on Sylvania, back to the flag, which we got back at 6:13. We circled the park until 6:15. 4.5 – 5 miles covered Prayer Requests:...

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ISO a Q (and Hills)

Nice Body placed a call to the bullpen late yesterday afternoon ISO a Q for #TheSummit to cover for Novocaine, who is on IR. Since it’s a run AO, I was pretty sure I could pull something together, and since I haven’t Q’ed there before, I was happy to take the...

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It’s just Walking

4:40 EC Ruck with YHC, Vanilla, Psycho, Bench, Bono, Lynyrd Skynyrd,and Scotty Moe 5:15 We start Warmup: 15 each michael Phelps, Imp Walkers, Good Morns THa Thang: coupons up with minute on rotation One lap to the Concession stand for 10 count People's Chair Rucks up...

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“So basically i’m monky” [sic]

#RunStrong Warm Up: Ham String Stretches The Thang: Run to SUP Dogs to meet up.  Since we only had 8 PAX, we kept it to one group.  Directions were give to go up Elm and take 4th street. Once at SUP Dogs, directions were given to take Reade Circle to Evans and go to...

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Horsemen stepping up to help a brother out

Got a message late in the day on Monday that the Q for Tuesday couldn’t be there, and the Site Q wanted to know if anyone would be willing to step up.  After much time and thought I waited to see if anyone was going to volunteer, but no takers.  So, I sent a DM to the...

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Enter the Opossum.

It was a beautiful morning at the stadium and 5 warrior eagles showed up for the ridge. The Pax requested pain and I aim to please. We started with a warm up of the usual fun, side straddle hops, Abe Vigodas, arm circles, and various stretches. Believing we did not...

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Blessed to have the Q for my 39th Birthday! Warm Up SSH x 39 Butt Kickers x 39 The Thang Indian Run to end of Stewart Parkway. Attempted to have the line leader carry a stone paver while running but Cornhole had other plans. Glad I gave a disclaimer. PAX lined up...

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Right in the Ace

2 for EC ruck: Vanilla & Patch 3 for Pray first: Vanilla, Patch, & Bono Warmup: 50- SSH The Thang Mosey to the rock pile. Pick up rock and mosey to light poll on the front baseball field with rocks overhead. Heavy dora: partner up, 100 curls, 200 squats, and 300 LBC....

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Everyone Knows It’s Windy.

YHC fielded inquiries about plans for Sunday most of the morning Saturday. It was about 3 when a message received by #TheCommons Site Q when YHC understood the puzzled looks. The reminder that YHC was on the Q clock was like the alarm heard when one has overslept....

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Bear Crawl, Drag, Burpee, Repeat

YHC got a digital shoulder tap from the BLB Site Q and said yes. There was plenty of time to come up with something truly terrible. Nothing seemed to satisfy. When that is the case YHC knows this: 1)Bear Crawl 2)Burpee The clock struck and YHC and Chimichanga were off...

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