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Sand, Collards, and Rocks

Soon after it was announced that Pothole was taking over as Site Q, YHC put his name in the mix to Q. Knew the day was coming soon and today was that day. Had a few ideas and could always add more as we went along, but first we had to... Warm-up 10 Good Mornings IC 10...

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Grocery Shopping with the Peanuts Gang

Tremendous morning to Q at Eagles Ridge . Thanks for the offer Easy Rider. THANG No warmup . Run to lower lot and complete several hundred squats and lunges. Mosey to sidewalk and lunge to Charles Blvd under railroad trestle. Run across Charles to Harris Teeter...

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One Burpee For Fun

Warmup:  20 SSH; 10 Butt Kickers; 1 burpee for fun The Thang:  Stop One: Mosey to the Murphy steps for five rounds of 10 merkins; 20 LBC and 30 plank jacks then run the steps; rinse and repeat using both sets of steps on the Murphy Center but increasing the number of...

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The Trail of Hate at Breakdown

Several weeks back, YHC to a Q for JTT when he took over as site Q at Breakdown. Wanted to come up with a workout for the PAX to start off the week right but also push them to their limits while performing some “not so fun” exercises. But before the fun, YHC, Tip,...

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Don’t recover ground already taken!

With the faithful leader on vacation (probably at Mara-Lago hitting some balls), Tortoise took over to Q at The Oval Office.  As my uncle once said, never recover ground already taken... So we ran backwards forwards!   Workout started with a 800m warm up.  Next...

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Parking Disaster

Made Me Late reached out to YHC to Q this week. YHC had an idea in mind anyway and was waiting his turn. Wanted to go a route similar to last year, but backwards and longer for guys that could make it. Got some HC's over the past few days, some showed for the workout,...

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F3 with FNB

Started out with 5 then grew to 12 by the end. we were also joined by and FNB (friendly new bug) during the workout but he skipped out before the name-o-rama. Warm Up Side straddle hops x20 Michael Phelps x10 Squats x15 Workout  First, we jogged down to the lower...

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Magic Mike

The Thang Magic Mike demoed each exercise Round 1 for Time Russian KB Swings x 30 Double KB Merkins x 30 Turkish Get Up x 2 (1 each side) Double KB Sumo Dead Lift x 30 Double KB Push Press x 30 Turkish Get Up x 2 (1 each side) Goblet Squat x 30 Double KB Renegade Row...

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