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Making Biscuits and doing the ChaCha!

EC Ruck - yhc Easy Rider sent yhc a msg the day before to bring it - yhc replied back with it will be brougth!  Now to come up with a beatdown the pax can enjoy and mumble about.  Yhc came in from EC and saw the pax pull into the lot.  Hot Pursuit came in and saw Cold...

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Keeping It Simple

13 PAX kept it simple today. We ran! YHC loves running and anytime YHC gets to Q this is what we will be doing. Tha Thang Headed right out of Elmhurst Park parking lot and did the following; Left on 10th Left on Charles   (Felt the burn on the slight incline from...

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You, suck, Chimi,1! I, hate, Chimi, 2!…

YHC received a message from Patch yesterday around 2pm, "Gentle reminder - your Q manana". YHC hadn't forgotten about the Q, but YHC had yet to come up with a plan due to work and spending time with family. Nevertheless, a plan was devised... and later tweaked during...

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Stadium Frenzy

Only 5 PAX showed up on the first day following Easter, and YHC has a good workout planned to shed some of abundant calories from this past weekend. I had envisioned this workout for a while now and was waiting for the opportunity to lead it. It was a brisk 55 degrees...

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Hanging with Jack Webb and Wimpie

12 PAX gathered on a beautiful Thursday morning at #TheRush for a good little beatdown before the Easter holidays. Gamecock reminded me that I had signed up a month ago for the Q and Mayhem sent out a text about running before the holidays. Little did he know, running...

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Monkeying Around

Broga Warm Up 4 laps = 1 mile around The Collard Patch path Jog 2 laps The plan was to jog a mile but during the second lap YHC heard some mumblechatter that The Collard Patch is a boot camp AO, so I altered my plan to please the PAX 3rdlap jog to light pole, lunge to...

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I See A Red Door & I Want To Paint it Black

Abu was marathon rucking, so he asked YHC to Q.  Having not posted at a Boyd Lee workout since the anniversary convergence, I decided it was high-time for me to do so (last 4/20 joke, I promise).  After three of us enjoyed a Caliente-led session of Broga/Yoga, it was...

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