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Squeezing Glutes at Eagle’s Ridge

What a great way to start the day. Circle up at 5:30 and run through a warm up focusing on shoulders and legs. From there we made the long haul to the concrete benches around the flag and did shoulder exercises for about 6 minutes changing the exercise every 30-45...

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The All American Workout- Down By The River

A Boy Named Sue.  This was my week to Q, and not realizing it was Veterans Day, I knew I needed to make it special to salute our Veterans.  I have a buddy that is active duty in the Navy and my Papaw Lawrence Leroy Stockdale was a Army veteran that served in Korea. ...

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Pax complete short warmup and then 3 rounds of various KB exercises. Curls R-L, Squats, KB swings, Squat press R-L, lawn mower R-L, Lunge pass through, Straight arm sit ups, American Hammer.

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Not Forgotten

With today being Veterans Day, YHC wanted to pick a workout to honor a veteran that gave the ultimate sacrifice for this great nation. That veteran was US Navy Lt. Michael McGreevy has was KIA in June of 2005 when his MH-87 chinook helicopter was shot down over...

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Around the Block with Matlock

Today was the final day of 7in7challenge where several PAX completed 7 workouts in 7 days. Warm up began in the parking lot as the FIA group was arriving. It's uncanny how Flo's wife can discern when Flo is the instigator of a practical joke. We circled up, requiring...

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Veterans Day at MASH

Warm up:  Pledge of Allegiance; 22 SSH; 11 butt kickers The Thang: Mosey to the Murphy Center stairs for 11 laps with 2 burpees at the bottom each time Mosey to the Minges tunnel.  Each PAX calls 11 seconds BTW followed by 11 WWI Mosey to the Charlie Brown Tennis...

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Mog Mile WOD

The idea behind A Boy Named Sue is to offer up the toughest workout possible to make you tough, like the name Sue did for him. Ma Bell, Cousteau, and YHC did this workout sometime around hour 14 of  the Mog Mile HTL. It was a burner and so worth it. The Q showed up at...

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Why Not Try Kettlebells!!!

This is my third ever Kettlebell Workout so why not be the Q! Started with a shot warmup.  SSHops, Merkins and PLankjacks. Farmers Carry Two Kettlebells or the Litter a quarter mile or so. Next the Q thought we should get some cardio and arm work together. Ten curls...

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Ride, Ruck, Run

Runners, Ruckers, Rider. Started with Out Pledge of Allegiance....................The Route as there was no FNG's: Evans to 10th to Charles to Greenviille Boulevard to 14th to Elm to 1st. All had a conversational pace. Got back in about an Hour. YHC Prayed us out:...

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