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How I lost my virginity

No lightening this morning so YHC was good to go for his VQ! We were nice enough to share our AO with the President as they had begun setting up for the rally. Mostly just a bunch of porta Johns which was fortunate for Pulp haha. EC Ruck: Stabler, Patch, Chimichanga,...

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time hack

Jock Itch, Bench, Cousteau, Pied Piper, and YHC for EC. Warmup 10 tempo squats IC 10 merkins IC 10 Good mornings IC The Thang One mile ruck, 15 minute time hack. If time hack is made, only 50 reps of the given exercise. If the time hack was not made, 100 reps. First...

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One to Remember

YHC can't believe it has already been one year since I reluctantly agreed to join Panther for a post at Boyd Lee Beatdown (led by none other than Abu). It's been a great and memorable year, and YHC can't wait for what the future holds. EC Ruckers: Stabler, Haavaad,...

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YHC can't attend this year's Sasquatch, so I decided to hold a mini-squatch at the #bestAOinAyden. Warm-Up -Collard-pickers x10 -SSH x20 -GoodBonos x10 The Thang -The call was made to "Follow Me" and we were off.  We headed south down Jolly Road and took a right on...

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What the F#%!

After some talk on slack we all meet at EC Pho at 6:30am on Saturday for an easy 7.5 mile run. It was anything but easy. I don't know what the hell we was thinking. Everyone made it back from the run and we died. Somehow 3 of us stop at Starbuck for some ice coffee.

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Sharing is caring

Warmup was OYO The Thang: Tried breaking it down where each PAX would lead for 15 mins. YHC: Burpee Mile, 12 burpees run a lap x 4 Bartman: Rock work with Tris, Bi's and rows and alternating rocks after each set. ATB: Alt. Pistol Sqts while one Pax mosey bus loop. Urk...

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Push the world Part Deux (delayed)

I will have to apologize in advance as this BB is way overdue. YHC has not made it a priority to get it done but it is finally here as a record that it was completed and 17 HIMs got a whole lot better. Warm up Completed a 10 count of chest stretches, overhead arm...

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Hit For The Cycle

YHC educated some HIM on the game of baseball, America's past time. After the Lord's Prayer, we warmed up with slow Good Mornings, Sun Goddesses, quad stretches, and then took a Home Run Trot around the "bases" set up at Festival Park.  The Home Run Trot is a great...

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The Ol’ Flat Hill Run

The idea was to run a hill each mile without announcing it.  Didn't want the PAX to think about having to do hill repeats now we are in the middle of BRR season. The Thang: Big loop around with a few zig zags and circling back for the 6. Down 1st to Elm R on elm...

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