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Good, Better, Best

Planted coupons at 4:15 9 PAX showed for 2 miles of EC ruckin' at 0440. 5:15 Warm up - Circle pass ruck Shoulder Ruck Raises x 20 OH carry EVOLUTION 1 Ruck pile up. Partner. (A) chooses 2 stranger rucks and shuffles around parking lot. Partner (B) completes 50...

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Happy Birthday To Me!!! I Think…

Eagle's Ridge is officially open for business, and what better way to start up this AO than with the much awaited and much anticipated V-Q from YHC on B-Day #35!  Nothing goes better with V-Qs than a few thangs never tried before. Enjoy. Warm Up: SSH x35 Nancy...

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Patch gave me the opportunity today to lead a great group of individuals that push each other past their mental breaking point. I enjoyed it. Warm Ups: Side Straddle Hops (15) Jack Webb’s Indian Run The Thang: Mosey over to the Rock Pile Curls for the girls 20 count,...

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YHC swiped the M's Prius when realizing that the sporty car was nearly out of gas. The trusty, eco-friendly little car got YHC there in the nick where 2 HIM were emerging from a vehicle to plant a shovel flag. The time came and #The Doughnut Shop was open for...

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Mondays and 11’s Go Great Together

Bambino had asked me to Q MASH some time ago and I had to turn him down because I couldn't do Mondays.  But I had some schedule changes a few months ago and we finally made it work that I could Q.  The possibilities are endless at this AO and the hard part is...

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Poker Face

#116 will soon be transitioning to a rucking workout, but today YHC wanted to get in a tough boot camp with a lot of ups and downs. Warmup 10 SSH 10 good morning 10 imperial walkers 1 lap around the parking lot. Deck of Death - For each card, do the exercise the...

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1/2 the hound and collards.

YHC was supposed to Q last Monday at the patch. YHC forgot to mention to Rafiki that he would still be in Dirty Myrtle. Took my rain check for today! YHC just completed the hound for the second time. So like the first time YHC wanted to highlight some of the moments...

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Hound Round 3: Finish Him!

Absolute honor to be able to host the 3rd leg of the Hound! Respect to all who took it on! Absolutely beautiful day the Lord blessed us with to join together in fellowship! All praise goes to him! YOUR FIRST EXERCISE IS!: SSH 10 four counts in cadence 1minute to...

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BRR Sim – Year 3

Tonka has asked YHC a time or too about a BRR Sim for this year, but hadn't planned one. It seems like the past 2 have somewhat been spur of moment, so why not keep the tradition! The idea was put on the #SlackMachine, questions were raised and thought we had 4 HC's....

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