YHC posted in a BB earlier in the week that Bono had the Q at 116 today. Luckily Bono read that BB and reached out to YHC to remind me that he switched to the following Saturday. I completely screwed that one up and instead of finding a Q last minute, YHC decided to Q. With this Q, YHC Q’d 4 days in a row so what better way to celebrate that feat than incorporating “4” in this 116 workout.

YHC, Duff, Padre, Chimi, Haavaad and Grand Master Flash (F3 Greensboro) did a little EC Ruck at 0600 and circled back to the flag shortly before 0700. Upon pulling into #116 there was a strange looking individual standing by his car. Nobody had an idea who it was, thought it was and FNR but upon getting a better look it was Poppins. The PAX were in shock seeing him post as he’s been out since September… welcome back Kotter!!!
Began to give the disclaimer and then Mayhem pulled into the parking lot in typical Mayhem fashion 😉 Informed that the number 4 would be a focal point of the workout today and we would be rucking to 4 different locations. First stop… the apartment parking garage on the corner of 2nd and Greene. Rucked to the top level and performed 10 reps of the following 4 exercises; ruck squats with ruck off, ruck curls, ruck pull-ups and ruck overhead press. Coming down, the PAX would ruck one level and shuffle two levels, until back to the bottom.
Ruck to the second stop… the 4th Street parking garage. At this stop, shuffle up the entire flight of steps. At the top, perform 10 merkins. Shuffle to opposite end of the garage and shuffle down the steps and perform 10 more merkins.
Ruck to the third stop… the ECU parking garage. At this stop, PAX would fireman carry their rucks all the way to the top level. At each level, the PAX would switch hands. Shuffle back to the bottom.
Rucked through campus on our way to the final stop… the Town Commons. At the Town Commons, PAX would carry their rucks overhead about halfway on the Town Commons trail (to about the back of the stage) and then ran the second half. Rucked back to #116 and circled up at the flag at 8:04.
Count O Rama and Name O Rama
Prayer Requests
The Furlough Family
Duff’s Mom and his entire family
4 Darkside members finishing up the 50 miler in DC today
King Pin
Injured PAX
Duff’s friend, Big John Hughes had a leg amputated
Issues at St. Peter’s
Bono has the Q at #116 next Saturday
Sasquatch coming July 27th. Sign Up
F3ENC shirt order closes the 19th
Fruity has the Q at the Clydesdales Thursday
Chimi has the Q Friday at Westside
Memorial Day at BLP will be the Murph
This marked the last time YHC would Q #116 as the site Q. Skynyrd taking over officially June 1st. Really enjoyed my time as site Q and glad to see the ruckers that continue to post here each Saturday. Big things for #116 with Skynyrd’s leadership. Rucked 7.26miles between EC and the workout and got in a little bit of exercises as well. Solid beatdown enjoyed by all. Until next time…
Stabler Out
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