YHC arrived and the EC crew was just arrived back to TSCC after a 3 mile ruck.

After a quick welcome and Bench claiming that he works as an unpaid comedian, off we went to the ECU student center parking deck.

Once we got to the top floor of the deck, we started a little PT:

  • 12 reps each of the following circuit with rucks on (we completed 5 sets total):
  • ruck thrusters
  • merkens
  • American hammers

YHC thought about leading the PAX over the connector for the final ruck back, but we stuck with the same route back to TSCC because the EC crew had already trudged up and over the connector. YHC asked if we’d be ending with cold beers again, but none were offered. Lol.

COT: injured PAC, safe holiday weekend for all, recent Scullery employee who passed away

Thanks Lynryd Skynrd (and Stabler) for the chance to Q this morning!

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