Hosted by FixerUpper for the second week in a row, the John series continued.  Hot Pursuit was down range for a conference (Nevada).  Several PAX weren’t able to post this week.  FixerUpper held firm on hosting commitment.  Fruity Pebbles showed, as did Cousin It.

Warm Up:  Pizza and welcome

The Thang:  John 3:22-36 – Theme was “competition in ministry” with the verses and discussion centered on the scripture’s reference to John the Baptist and his followers and Jesus and His disciples.


Moleskin:  This is an important F3 Bible study initiative to form a consistent weekly small group to work through Biblical truth and application.  Those who make time and post for 3rdF find that the time spent returns in other forms, and then some.  Next Tuesday, the study will continue back at Hot Pursuit’s house.

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