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Iron PAX Week 3 Invasion

YHC got to Paramore Park and joined Bono in setting up two dry-erase boards outlining Iron PAX week 3 exercises and reps, lights to shine on the dry-erase boards, shovel flag, and coupons (many thanks to those who brought extra coupons). EC Runners were coming back...

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Getting Back to Running

On a cold and dark morning as fall approaches, 15 young lads came together to get a morning run.  Three showed up early for a warm up to get the blood pumping and work on safe and strong running.  As YHC is still recovering from a hamstring issue, we just took an easy...

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The Return of the Clydesdale Mile

Nice brisk morning which personally, YHC has been waiting for! YHC met up at 0440 for an EC Ruck with Patch, Chimi, Ratched, Tip and Tap. Got back to the flag and were joined by 10 more PAX for a total of 16. Circled up at 0530 for a quick disclaimer and a quick...

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Ring of Fire

Tonka mentioned the possibility of a Co-Q at the School Yard while sitting on his porch enjoying a Puerto Rican cigar. There was a gentle breeze and the birds were chirping. We had a little mariachi band playing in the background and three bears and two squirrels...

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Birthday boy had the Q

Candy Cane was out a Q that day, so YHC decided to help a brotha out and step up. Since it was the start of BRR weekend, we had a small but might number of PAX who posted. Started with a lap around the field Commence stretching with some sun salutations, planks, and...

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It pays to have keys

YHC rolled up to see Bartman and Scotty finishing up EC.  Bartman worked up a good deuce during EC so he double timed it to the janitor closet to take care of business. It pays to have keys. Warm up: SSH IC Good Mornings IC Mosey to the rock pile and grab one.  Rocks...

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Iron PAX Week 3

43 Minute AMRAP 35# Coupon (CMU or KB) is the standard 10 Pull Ups 15 Burpee over Coupon 20 Coupon Curls 25 Coupon Thrusters 30 Reverse Crunches (Gas Pumps)

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Curling bear crawls with leaping frogs

YHC had the opportunity to Q Kettlebell Tuesday today and it felt like it had been a while, so I didn't want to disappoint.  We had 17 PAX arrive in the gloom and got right to work promptly at 0515 since I had a lot I wanted to get done.  I gave the disclaimer and we...

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Classified’s Most Hated

Five pax joined Classified this morning at Eagle's Ridge to enjoy what Classified described as things he hated to do. We started out with a normal warmup and then moseyed to the loop at Elmhurst. From there we did an Indian run around the 1/3 mile look stopping at the...

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