A Boy Named Sue.  This was my week to Q, and not realizing it was Veterans Day, I knew I needed to make it special to salute our Veterans.  I have a buddy that is active duty in the Navy and my Papaw Lawrence Leroy Stockdale was a Army veteran that served in Korea.  My Papaw passed away in 2010 from cancer and taught me so many things about life that I still cherish and try to live by today.  The main thing he taught me was the value of hard work and stepping out of your comfort zone.  With this workout, I knew I needed to do just that.

The call was put out for it to be at the War Memorial at Town Commons and to bring your KB, but lets hang up the running shoes and bring the rucks and sandbags (We had a 120, 80, 60, 60, 60 pound Sandbag). Ma Bell, Bono, Cousteau, Noonan and Cable all took turns carrying the 120. I felt out of my element at times with the ruck on, but we all got through it and I was glad for the opportunity to Q.

The workout went like this:

Pledge of Allegiance, Rucks on

10 Burpees

20 Merkins

20 American Swings

20 Squat Thrusters

Mosey Down To The River with All KB’s and Sandbags.  Each Mosey we would pass off carrying the KB’s and Sandbags.

17 Merkins

17 Swings

17 Thrusters

17 American Hammer

Mosey down the Civil War Trail to the top of the hill.

14 Merkins

14 Swings

14 Thrusters

14 American Hammers

Mosey back to the War Memorial

11 Merkins

11 Swings

11 Thrusters

11 American Hammers

11 Burpees(For Tonka)

Finish with a Lap Carrying the Sandbags around Town Commons and finish at 6:15

Prayer Requests:

Abu and the heat going out in his house.  Prayers for a quick resolution.

Praise for all the Veterans.

Thanks for the Q Opportunity!!


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