Arrived a BLP to a new face and a wet and cold gloom.

Started with a little warn up.

  • 10 Good mornings
  • Then Mayhem showed up  as usual late so 5 penalty burpee:)
  • 10 monkey humpers
  • 15 Side startle hops

Next a little mosey to the shelter for some 11’s table top sit ups and big boy step ups, a little mumble chatter and of to the rock pill. Rock pill every pax got to pick an exercise (this is were Brian Keene got his name Sack Swing ). Now off to the neighbor hood for a little mail box shuffle. Going down the right side stop at each mail box and 10 IMW the plank at the stop sign for 6. back the other way with 10 walking lunges at each mail box on the right. Then back to BLP for some marry.

  • Count 9
  • Name
  • Then Name the FNG Brian Keene is now known as Sack Swing
  • Prayer request For injured PAX
  • Announcements Convergence in Farmville Saturday.
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