Abu was marathon rucking, so he asked YHC to Q.  Having not posted at a Boyd Lee workout since the anniversary convergence, I decided it was high-time for me to do so (last 4/20 joke, I promise).  After three of us enjoyed a Caliente-led session of Broga/Yoga, it was time to get down to business.

Warm Up
-20 SSH
-20 Flutter Kicks
-20 Merkins
-Run half a lap with your KB, meet at playground

The Thang
Ciabatta (20 seconds AMRAP, 10 seconds of rest), 2 sets for each round

Round 1:
American Swings, Goblet Squats, Lunge Presses, Sumo High-Pulls

Mosey to bleachers

Round 2:
Russian (chest high) Swings, Triceps extensions, Overhead Squats, KB Step-Ups

Mosey to back stop
Balls To The Wall, 10 count from each PAX
People’s Chair, 10 count from each PAX

Mosey to flag

Round 3: Right-Arm Rows, WW1 (with KB), Prisoner Get-Ups, Left-Arm Rows

Line up by the flag, pick a similar partner

-Buddy drag to second tree. Flapjack
-Partner 1 bear crawls to tree and back. Partner 2 burpees AMRAP, Flapjack
-Partner 1 carries KB to tree and back, Partner 2 Bus Drivers AMRAP, Flapjack
-Partner 1 sprints around traffic circle, Partner 2 KB Squats AMRAP, Flapjack
-Partner WW2s, pass the KB each time.

Mary – PAX Choice

-marathon ruckers
-Cable in the Smokey Mountain Relay
-injured PAX
-Duff’s father
-PAX traveling

-Service Ruck on 4/27
-Abu has the Q at The Collard Patch, Broga at 0500
-Chimichanga has the Q at Breakdown at Clydesdales
-Abbreviated Commons tomorrow followed by sunrise service
-Hump Day Happy Hour 5/1 at Tapped – F3 Beer will be available

YHC is not known for his strength, so I’m always a little nervous to Q kettlebell workouts.  I’ve learned, however, that it’s best to just say yes.  I’ve never regretted a Q, even when it wasn’t my best.

As I write this, the sun has just set the night before Easter.  I pray that you and yours celebrate our Risen Lord tomorrow!

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