In honor of the Oxford -Cambridge Boat race tomorrow, I decided to do a Workout in honor of it. But without a boat and a navigable water way nearby, I decided to improvise.


-10 Side Straddle hops IC

-10 squats IC

The Thang

For the first part of the workout, we jogged over to the playground and completed a half Murph to help us warm up

-50 Pull ups

-100 pushups

-150 Squats

After we finished, we jogged back to the kettlebells and I told the group about the Oxford Cambridge Boat race. The Boat Race is the longest running rowing race in the world. Beginning in 1829 as a race between the two universities, it has turned into the most watched rowing race in the world besides the olympics. The course of the race is 6.8 km or 4.25 miles. the race is between the two boats of Oxfords men’s and women first and second varsity boats. In honor of the race, we split our group in two three man teams (Oxford: Gazelle, Floater, Stroke. Cambridge: Fiddler, Cousin It, Cousteau). The F3 Boat Race was as follows:

-Run half way round the park (quarter of the way in the case of Fiddler’s group) and then when they got back to the kettlebells,

-10 arm extensions (w/ Kettlebell)

-10 deadlifts

-10 Goblet squats.

the cycle would then be repeated 6 times to symbolize the 6 km the teams will be rowing.

Each of these exercises would simulate the three main parts of the stroke, reaching with the arms, leaning forward with the back, and the push through the legs. While Cambridge won this race, We will see if they can pull off another victory tomorrow against the Dark Blues of Oxford (Go Oxford!).

Since we had ten minutes to spare we completed some core work. Each person lead an exercise.

-10 American hammers w/ kettlebell

-5  Banana Boats

-60 second low plank

-15 modified freddy mercuries

-10 kettlebell V-ups

-20 flutterkicks

Prayer Requests

praise for Abu and his recovery

prayers to all injured or sick PAX

prayers for scotty mo and his family

Prayers for Gazelle’s friend from church and her child

prayers for fiddler’s great grandma

prayers Slim-jim’s 2.0 expecting a baby next week.


Thanks you guys for coming out and listening to me rattle on about rowing but I see a lot of parallels from Rowing to F3. Like F3, you train with your team and it’s not about the one strong or fast guy that can carry the team, it’s about the entire team and how each man can contribute to it. If anyone would like to watch the Race tomorrow and see what rowing is about the website for the Boat Race should have a link to watch it live. Women’s race begins at 2:13pm and the Men’s Race begins at 3:10pm.


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