YHC showed up 2 minutes late. Just the Tip had the PAX doing high knees when the Q pulled up. Great job Site Q taking the lead and my apologies fro being tardy. We did 5 burpees OYO in honor the the Q’s tardiness.

Mosied over to the rock pile. As always, a variety of rock sizes were selected. Patch so it coming, we would be rotating rocks.

Next exercise

  • Row 10 IC (4 Count), rotate 3 rock to left
  • Curls 10 IC (4 Count), rotate 3 rock to left
  • OH Press 10 (4 Count), rotate 3 rock to left
  • Tricep Ext 10 (4 Count), rotate 3 rock to left
  • Repeated with 15 reps of each exercise and rotating 2 rocks to the left this time.
  • Returned the rocks and mosied to middle area of park.

Next exercise

  • Pick a partner for DORA
    • 100 Burpees
    • 200 Squats
    • 300 LBCs
    • Partner runs to the outermost sidewalk while partner does AMRAP – At some point during the DORA Patch mentioned he was not so sure he was glad YHC showed up.

We finished up together and mosied back to the flag.

Next exercise

  • Jack Webb up to 10 merkins and 40 hallelujahs


  • Patch led us in J. Lo’s
  • Just the Tip led us with Flutter Kicks
  • Spinal Tap took us to time with Box Cutters.


  • Abu and his family, his parents
  • Big Papi
  • Gilligan in Carterico
  • Praise for a good summer


  • Sasquatch – sign up!!!
  • BRR – sign up – got 4-5 interested and need another 4-5 to make a good team!!!


Lesson learned…don’t hit snooze! Thanks to Just the Tip for the Q opportunity and for stepping up until YHC showed up. Great work by all this morning, some heavy sweating happened!

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