2 Year Anniversary Q

Excited to see a large group out but had to trash my original plan because we had to many Pax to make it work.


Started with some Side Straddle Hops, Merkins  and Mountain Climbers before we took a jog to the first set of playground Equipment.

Partner Up for a Dora – one partner to the middle and back while the other work on the PT.  Rotate until done:50 Pull-ups, 100 Flutterkicks, 150 Plankjacks

Mosey to the next sidewalk- Was gonna do some Partner Squats but Patch suggested in cadence – I took the bait and it went South from there.  Had to jump ship and switch to a Plank and Count Off the whole Pax.

Mosey to the Picnic Shelter. 3 Minute AMRAP – 5 Dips step over table and 5 Erkins on the other side.

Mosey to the ballfield for field of dreams: 10 of each exercise – Burpees, Never Surrenders, Merkins and Flutterkicks.

Mosey to the Flag – Bearcrawl from Flag to the Light Pole as a Group.

On the Wall – 3 count peoples Chair – Tap was Kind

Balls to the Wall – 1 Count – Tap was not Kind

4 Minutes of Mary at the Flag.

Prayer Requests – Injured Pax, Family’s Travelling for the Fourth, Our Great Country.

Personal Praise to my brothers of F3 – 2 Years and I am a much better version of myself.

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