EC Ruck/Pray First – Patch, Skynard, MaBell, Bench, Jock Itch, Bono, Just the Tip, Havaad, Pied Piper, NoIDeer.

Yhc had committed to post at another AO, but thanks to String Bean for reminder that yhc had the Q at #breakdown!  JTT also sent a reminder to yhc, so bottom line, check your calendars! Rolled up to the park and found a good amount of ruckers, well, rucking.  Did a little recon, prayed, circled up, disclaimer given, and here’s what we messed around with….

Warm Up

  • Copperhead Squats – 22 IC
  • Merkins – 22 IC
  • SSH – 22 IC
  • Good Mornings – 10 IC

Thang (Pax were instructed that rocks were NOT to touch the ground – 5 burpee reward for ALL pax if it did)

  • Mosey over to the Rock pile
    • Flash Dance (SSH w/ Rocks) – 22 IC
    • Curls – 22 IC
    • Tricep Extensions – 22 IC
    • Flash Dance (SSH w/ Rocks) – 22 IC
    • Curls – 22 IC
    • Tricep Extensions – 22 IC
  • Walk with rocks overhead to intersection near traffic circle
    • Around the World Jump Lunges – 11 – (4 ct) IC
    • Recovery Mosey around the bathrooms and back.
  • Walk with Rocks overhead to next intersection
    • WWI w/ Rocks – 22 IC
    • Recovery w/ 11 V-ups w/ rocks
  • Walk with Rocks overhead to next intersection
    • Rock Merkins – 11 left hand on rock – 11 right hand on rock
    • Recovery mosey around bathroom and back
  • To the next intersection w/ rocks overhead
    • Goblet Squat Thrusters – 22 IC
  • To the shelter with rocks overhead
    • Bulgarian Split Squats – 11 left leg – 11 right leg
  • Rocks overhead – return rocks to the rock pile, back to the flag.



  • Injured Pax
  • Defender – friend’s son Ian who is lost at sea. Comfort and peace for the family.
  • Praise – BJ’s VBS ministry – Kids met and exceeded money goal!
  • Bench’s student/athlete – house burned down.


  • SASQUATCH this Saturday!  Still accepting water/gatorade!

Moleskin: Men pushed hard today!  Great job brothers! Keep on shieldlocking with your brothers! Lean on God, and the horizontal relationships will be stronger.  Yhc mentioned that 22 veterans take their lives every day, and that everyone has a battle whether it be mental, physical, or spiritual.  We have very real problems, but we serve a very real God!  He doesn’t leave the 6 behind, as a matter of fact, He’s coming back for the 6!  No matter what you are facing from day to day, know that you are loved, and that you are highly favored!  Keep posting, and keep headlocking!  “A day without doing anything kind is a day wasted!”

Blessings – FP

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