Warmup:  10 Good Mornings, 15 SSH, and 10 Merkins

The Thang:

Mozied to pull-up bars at other side of walking track and did 10 WWI’s and 10 Mountain Climbers.

Indian run to picnic shelter and did snakes/step-ups over all tables, lunged back to beginning, and repeat.

Mozied to FIA/back road area where one partner took turns with 50 merkins, 100 WWI’s, 150 squats, and 200 LBC’s, while other partner ran approx 50 yards to park center and back.

Mozied to rock pile and did curls for the girls, tricep extensions, goblet squats, and other exercises.

Mozied back to flag and did MARY’s until time was called.

Prayer Requests:  Lady in Richard Simmons’ office who is battling breast cancer, Southern Fried’s friend at church has child who is battling drug addiction and having overdose issues, our country, nation, world, etc.

Announcements:  Shout out to Patch for being the Site Q and that term ending next week.  Just the Tip will take over as Site Q after Patch.

Enjoyed the Q and thanks Patch for the opportunity!

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