It was a nice warm morning for a F3 workout!  This Q was supposed to happen last week, but needed to call an audible, so with an extra week to prepare I wanted to bring it today!  It went like this:

Copper-Head Squats (40 IC  Mumblechatter started super early with this one.)

SSH (40 IC)

American Hammer (40 IC)

1 Burpee

Jack Webbs (San-Fran started the 45 minute chatter of how Negative Ghost Rider killed them on Friday!)

Indian Run (5 Jump Squats then sprint to the front.  YHC mentioned a nice slow mosey, but I think the others were expecting a walk in the park.)

Mosey to picnic shelter for Colonel Troutman

Partner A 5 Pull-ups

Partner B 10- Werkins and plank for Partner A.  Run over the tables for a total of 5 rounds.

When finished to keep the legs burning and give the arms a break.

10 Jump Lunges

10 Gorilla Humpers

10 Jump Squats

10 Mule Kicks

Snake across the picnic table to finish then back to the flag.

Finish up at the flag with sprint variations, winner calls the exercise:

Forward Sprint

10 Burpees

Backward Sprint

10 Flutter Kicks (Book Worm)

Bear Crawl

10 Box-Cutters (Spinal-Tap)

Boom 6:15, the hardest workout of the day was complete.  When finished Patch mentioned thunderous claps after that workout and I hope San-Fran is feeling this one like Negative Ghost Riders from Friday.

Prayer Requests:

College Students and exams.

My M is taking her exam for her job tomorrow!

Recovering PAX Members

Spinal Taps MIL and living with them and the adjustments.


Via Patch “Snow in the forecast next Monday so post, and don’t be a pu***!)


This morning’s workout was intended to be a little tough, and I wanted to keep the heart rate going, but also wanted to feel sore after this one.  The workouts seem to always start with the same SSH, Good Mornings, Butt-Kickers, or High Knees. Start with something hard like 40 copper-head squats to get the mumblechatter engaged early and often.  The PAX was on fire this morning and it is always a pleasure to Q!

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