YHC can’t believe it has already been one year since I reluctantly agreed to join Panther for a post at Boyd Lee Beatdown (led by none other than Abu). It’s been a great and memorable year, and YHC can’t wait for what the future holds.

EC Ruckers: Stabler, Haavaad, Patch, Just the Tip, Hiny, Jock Itch, Pied Piper, Ratched and Bench (if YHC missed anyone, speak up!)

Pray First: All the EC Ruckers + Hot Pursuit

Several weeks back, YHC reached out to Just the Tip to make sure YHC claimed this day on the calendar to Q. What better place to Q for YHC’s one year celebration than where it all started? YHC pulled up at 0520 to already see a good crowd of EC Ruckers.This was a sign of what was to come. YHC was expecting maybe 20 PAX at most for the 1 year celebration. We started to circle up around 0525, and it was a rather large circle to start with. YHC looked at the entrance of BLP, and cars just kept rolling in. Car after car. By 0530, we had 33 PAX circled up for a celebration beatdown! It went something like this:

Warm Up

False Slaughter Starter. YHC asked the PAX if anyone knew what a slaughter starter was. Many knew that this mean 20 burpees OYO to start off the beatdown. Once it was announced, YHC told that PAX that this was just informational and they can use it for their next Q

  • SSH – 20 – IC
  • Cotton Pickers – 10 – IC
  • SS – 20 – IC
  • Merkins – 10 – IC
  • SS – 20 – IC
  • Burpees – 10 – OYO


We gathered up at the side walk for a merkin mile. The PAX would run/mosey to the 1/4 mark where we would all perform 25 merkins in cadence, and then proceed to the next 1/4 mile mark to rinse and repeat until we hit 1 mile. The goal was to keep the PAX together, therefore it was instructed to circle back for the six if able, or plank/Al Gore for the six at each 1/4 mile mark.

Next we made our way to the front baseball field’s outfield. The PAX counted off by twos, and split into two groups. YHC instructed the group to get in town lines, facing each other; Team 1 one one side, team 2 on the other. YHC told the PAX that we were going to play some Rock, Paper, Scissors, Burpee! This was a crowd pleaser when I had this in the weinke a couple months ago at West Side Story, so YHC knew it needed to be in the 1 year manniversary weinke. The rules were simple (even though YHC fumbled the explanation to the group), everyone would get into plank position. The first two players would play 1 round of rock, paper, scissors. Winner would get to do 1 merkin (along with the rest of his team), while the loser would do 1 burpee (along with the rest of his team). The round number would be rep count (round 2 = 2 burpees, round 3 = 3 burpees etc). In the event of a tie, both teams did burpees. This really got the mumble chatter going, especially with the multiple times in a row that team 1 had to do burpees. String Bean thought he could pull a fast one and pull the gun card, which he thought would beat everything. Nope, just more burpees for team 1 haha.

With a little time remaining, we moseyed to the picnic shelter for a round of 11’s with super step ups and Irkins.

We moseyed back to the flag with one minute to spare, so we had 1 minute of Spinal Tap-led flutter kicks



  • Welcome FNG Dingy! (Porter Harris, Titanic’s 2.0)

Prayer Requests/Praises

  • Injured PAX, and praise for those that are back from injury
  • Hot Pursuit’s upcoming career change
  • Fruity Pebbles baptized his 2.0
  • Aquaman’s mother is in hospice
  • San Fran’s M’s pending test results

Fruity Pebbles prayed us out!


What a year! Who would have thought that over the last year YHC would be posting regularly, become a site Q, complete a couple of GORUCK events, and meet so many people, who I truly can call friends and brothers. This past year would not have been the same without the PAX of F3ENC. True friendships have been made in the gloom, and I’m thankful for that. And I am truly honored by the turnout for today’s beatdown. I never imagined that 33 PAX would post and celebrate my one year. Thank you all! Until next time…



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