Several weeks back, YHC to a Q for JTT when he took over as site Q at Breakdown. Wanted to come up with a workout for the PAX to start off the week right but also push them to their limits while performing some “not so fun” exercises. But before the fun, YHC, Tip, Skynyrd and Haavaad took part in an EC Ruck. Got to the flag a little before 0530 and saw a total of 12 PAX. Circled up, no FNGs, short disclaimer given and we were off…


–          Good Mornings x 11 IC

–          SSH x 11 IC

–          Michael Phelps x 11 IC

–          Butt Kickers x 11 IC

YHC told the PAX to take a quick mosey to the first intersection of the BLP loop. At the intersection, YHC introduced the PAX to the Trail of Hate. YHC explained that a major foundational point of GoRuck is to “Embrace the Suck.” Basically to challenge yourself and do those things that are uncomfortable or that you hate to do. The Trail of Hate was going to do this for us today. PAX would mosey around the loop a total of three times. At each intersection (4 per loop) PAX would perform an exercise that PAX really don’t like or is more challenging (10 reps). First two laps, YHC chose the following exercises;

–          Intersection 1: Burpees

–          Intersection 2: Catalina Wine Mixers

–          Intersection 3: San Antonio Shuffles (left lunge, right lunge, burpee, plankjack)

–          Intersection 4: The Wolverine

–          Intersection 1: Crab cakes

–          Intersection 2: Absolution

–          Intersection 3: Ski Ab Merkins

–          Intersection 4: Never Surrenders

For the third and final loop of the Trail of Hate, YHC chose a PAX at each intersection to choose an exercise. The following exercises were performed;

–          Intersection 1: Tempo Merkins (with a REAL slow count from Tap)

–          Intersection 2: Pull-ups (Skynyrd)

–          Intersection 3: 10 LBCs, 10 WWIs, 10 LBCs (Deep Dish)

–          Intersection 4: Samoan Burpees (Fruity Pebbles)

With the Trail of Hate being complete and with a few minutes to spare, we moseyed to the wall. At the wall, PAX would assume the People’s Chair. One at a time, PAX would bear crawl to the first tree and run back. PAX would stay in People’s Chair until all PAX had a turn bear crawling. You all know, there’ll be bear crawl involved at a Stabler Q. Next, PAX would assume BTTW with each PAX giving a 5 count.

Prayer Requests

  • All injured PAX
  • Patch and Doubtfire with their foot and ankle issues
  • Praise for the Darkside Ruckers who participated in the Charlotte Star Course on Saturday
  • Praise for Erie and his M, expecting baby #2
  • Praise for safe travels for Fruity’s family


  • Sign Up Sasquatch and donate water/Gatorade
  • NoIDeer has the Q Saturday at 116
  • Fruity’s 1year anniversary will be celebrated Thursday at the Good Fight with Fruity as the Q
  • Abu has the Q at WestSide Friday


The theme of today’s workout was to accept the challenge and to “embrace the suck.” YHC wanted to push the PAX by doing some exercises that might be a bit tougher or challenging; really get people out of their comfort zone. I wanted to see each PAX support one another and to help push each other at each point and they did exactly that. This wasn’t a race to be first, it was a race to finish together! At some point in life we’re all going to be faced with a challenging time; a loss of a loved one, marital issues, job loss, etc. All of these are tough to deal with as an individual, but if we lean on each other for support and guidance, anything can be overcome. So the next time you are faced with a challenging time, lean on your F3 brothers for that help and if you see a brother in need, be there for support. Until next time…

Stabler Out

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