YHC received a message from Patch yesterday around 2pm, “Gentle reminder – your Q manana”. YHC hadn’t forgotten about the Q, but YHC had yet to come up with a plan due to work and spending time with family. Nevertheless, a plan was devised… and later tweaked during EC.

YHC, Stabler, Patch, Just the Tip, and Lynard Skynyrd for EC, later joined by 7 others, including an FNG… YHC’s brother in law from Boston (welcome 3 pumps). The PAX circled up at 0530, disclaimer was given, and it went something like this:

Warm Up

  • SSH – IC – 20
  • Good Mornings – IC – 10
  • Front Arm Circles – IC – 10
  • Back Arm Circles – IC – 10

Tha Thang

“Follow me” as we moseyed around the track, stopping at each of the 4 intersections to do a variation of merkins

  • 1st stop – Standard Merkin
  • 2nd stop – Ranger Merkin
  • 3rd stop – Diamond Merkins
  • 4th stop – Werkins

After the last intersection, the group continued to mosey to the rock pile to grab a rock. Of course, Spinal Tap grabbed a massive rock, which was later enjoyed by several other PAX (Stabler enjoyed it the most, more on this later). The PAX would perform Giant sets with the rock, switching rocks after each set. YHC would call a random number to move to the right or left, and whichever rock you landed on, you used for that exercise

Giant set #1

  • Curls for the girls – 15 – IC
  • Overhead tricep extensions – 15 – IC
  • Squat – 15 – IC
  • Rinse and Repeat

Giant set #2

  • Overhead press – 15 – IC
  • Bent over Row – 15 – IC
  • Flutter Kicks w/ rock overhead – 15 – IC
  • Rinse and Repeat

Stabler was one of the lucky ones that landed on Spinal Tap’s rock for Overhead tricep extensions, YHC could hear him complaining the entire time as soon as the number was called. Stabler even came up with his very own way of counting cadence! Some of it cannot be repeated in this backblast…. but there were different variations of “Screw, you, Chimi, 1! I, hate, Chimi, 2! You, suck, Chimi, 3!…” YHC even started to lose count due to laughing so hard, but the PAX kept the count.

After those sets were completed, we returned our rocks and then moseyed to the picnic shelter. Luckily FiA hadn’t claimed it today. During the last Q YHC had at Breakdown, the plan included using the picnic tables, but then an audible was called. Not today! YHC instructed the PAX to grab a partner, for no reason other than to be able to push each other. The plan was to complete 4 rounds of A.L.A.R.M’s:

  • A (arm exercise) – Dips – 15
  • L (leg exercise) – Lunges – 15
  • A (ab exercise) – American Hammers – 15
  • R (R exercise) – Ranger Merkins – 15
  • M (M exercise) – Monkey Humpers – 15
  • Rinse and repeat for 4 rounds

Once completed, we moseyed back to the flag for various mary exercises

  • Catalina Wine Mixers
  • Box Cutters
  • Flutter kick to fail, then 10 merkins, repeat for 2 minutes
  • WWII’s


Count o rama, name o rama, naming of the FNG


Prayer Requests/Praises

  • Praise for the PAX that completed the marathon ruck on Saturday
  • Praise for the sunrise service
  • Prayers for JTT’s coworker
  • Easy Rider new medication
  • Duff’s family
  • Injured PAX

YHC Prayed us out!


Qing at BLP is always fun. There are tons of different things you can do to make a Q interesting. Speaking of Q’s… I know there are some site Q’s out there looking to fill some Q spots in May. I want to challenge each PAX to volunteer to Q at least 3 times in May, especially those who haven’t Q’d in a while, or haven’t had their VQ yet. Get uncomfortable and do something different next month! YHC will do a burpee for each PAX that accomplishes this task. YHC will count on Cousin IT to keep track of this haha. Until next time…

Chimi Out!

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