Warmup:  20 SSH; 15 High Knees; 10 Butt Kickers; Lap around the traffic circle & back

The Thang: 10 Rounds w/ Tyson

Rounds 1 – 5 the PAX did 10 reps at all three trees and returned to the flag

Round 1: Burpees

Round 2: WWI (bear crawl back)

Round 3: Merkins

Round 4: WWII (bear crawl back)

Round 5: Shoulder Taps

Intermission:  Run a lap to the traffic circle and back

Rounds 6 – 10 the PAX did 12 reps at all three trees and returned to the flag

Round 6: Burpees

Round 7: WWI (bear crawl back)

Round 8: Merkins

Round 9: WWII (bear crawl back)

Round 10: Shoulder Taps

After the 10 rounds w/ Tyson instructed the PAX to mosey over to the BLP wall for a 17 count of BTW and then sprint to the trees by the sidewalk for 17 count of flutter kicks.  We did a rinse and repeat of this with various PAX calling out the BTW & FK four times.  Unfortunately, when it got to Spinal Tap’s turn for FK I instructed him to lead us back to the flag with a mosey around the traffic circle


Prayer Requests:  Patch’s 2.0 academic decisions, EOG’s for kids, The Grout family on the passing of Scott from cancer, Duff’s Mom, Abu’s Dad, Memorial Day weekend safe travels

Announcements:  Sign up for Sasquatch, Fruity Pebbles has Q at Clydesdales Thursday; Bono has Q at 116 Saturday and The Murph is Monday at BLP at 530am and 630am

Great group of 17 PAX today at Build Up!  Enjoyed the mumble chatter and laughs during the rounds with Tyson.  PSA from Chumlee to all PAX – DO NOT drink bourbon before posting (well noted); Congrats on The Noid making his 2019 debut and reaching his double respect status a few weeks ago.

Read this the other day and wanted to share:

3 Ways to Stay Positive: 1.Focus on opportunities not challenges 2.Focus on solutions not complaints 3.Feel blessed instead of stressed

See you in the gloom soon


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