Mid-term Voting is completed. Some are still counting, is close or will not concede. Another day has dawned. HE has Risen. HE has Risen indeed! You may have taken your shower and I am a Year Older-59. (The Reverend Billy Graham would’ve been 100!!) Some Reflection certainly is called for daily.  Ahem…Did you hug your wife before you or she left for work? These are some things and events, (one Life Saving Event) that is: A F T E R. What will we do? How will we be? Will there be a difference? We can be brighter. We can be saltier.

Gathered up. Greeting the guys at BUILD-UP. Thanks Stern for the OP to serve today. Disclaimer provided to not hurt yourself, I ain’t responsible.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE . Arm Stretch, Arm Circles, SSH, Good Mornings, Monkey Position stretching.

the tHaNg: Circle Merkins (1, 1-2, 1-3) all doing up toward 10.

2 Teams, a 50lb. Bucket for each team member taking to designated point and return while the others were doing WW1’s or WWII’s; two or three xxx.

Mike Tysons: 7’s between the Curbing near Mt. Boyd Lee. Bear Crawl, then Crawl Bear…………Dang, where’s my Gloves and my High Quality H20??

Arm Wrestling under the Shelter: 2 Teams. Teams among themselves compete-twice per arm; Winners from both take turns as do others. Skint up elbows; “shoulda wore my elbow pads”. When through or unable to arm wrestle-Squatallejahs. On the tables: irkins, sit-ups, dips, flutter kicks. FNG-Max got in the action:: no show by Southern Fried who told ‘Whoops’ of F-3.

Mary at the Flag: 59 WWI’s (To honor my Birthday; if you can’t do it, don’t Q it); LBC’s; Stretching-Reach for the Sky, arm overs and side to side (kum ba yah-special….)

Countorama. Nameorama Prayers for : Spinal Tap has brought MIL into their home; Levi-Joker’s nephew; King Pin-recovery from prostate; Hot Pursuit-neck nerve pain; Our Nation; Injured PAX……….

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Check Twitter, Pub Friday; Boys and Girl Club Breakfast fundraiser-call String Bean for details.

Cold-Cut………After the Beatdown……..Out!!! Great work guys and Welcome…….Whoops!



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