YHC got to Boyd Lee Park and realized I was all alone for EC… causing immediate alarm due to the standing Wed. a.m. drug van. YHC plugged up the ears with some earbuds, queued up the 43 Feet podcast, and got some mileage in Corey Ridge. Returned to BLP to find a hungry crowd, ready to feast on some Candy Cane pain!

EC Ruckers: Candy Cane

Clock read 6:15 and the YHC got to work on the PAX.

Disclaimer given and received.

Warm Up (in cadence):

Side Straddle Hops x 20
Little Arm Circles x 10
Reverse x 10
Big Arm Circles x 10
Reverse x 10
Collard Pickers x 20
Squats x 20
Windshield Wipers x 20

The Thang:

• PAX moseyed around Boyd Lee Park to get the blood flowing, ending in front of the shelter

• Second lap consisted of scheduled “breaks” in the running for PT
1. MERKIN MUTE: Merkins x 20 and Copperhead Squats x 20
2. HALLELUJAH HALT: Hallelujahs x 20 and Burpees x 20
3. WWWI WAIT: WWI’s x 20 and Lunges x 20
4. PLANK JACKS PAUSE: Plank Jacks x 20 and Mountain Climbers x 20

• PAX then sought shelter… under the shelter. PAX partnered up to complete:
1. 100 picnic table Step-Ups
2. 100 picnic table Dips

• PAX left the cover of safety and moseyed to the dreaded rock pile where they circled up to complete a round-robin of PAX choice exercises:
1. Curls for the Girls x 20
2. Triceps Extensions x 20
3. Little Baby Crunches x 20
4. Overhead press x 20
5. Press (Bench-style) x 20
6. Goblet Squat x 20
7. Flutter Kicks x 20
8. Reverse Curls x 20
• Returned to the flag for Mary (led by Cousin IT… like a BAUCE)

Beatdown ended at 6:15 on the dot.

Many thanks to Backhoe for the opportunity to Q Build Up and for 20 PAX strong coming out to get that work in.

Prayers: Coldcut’s daughter as she recovers from delivering her twins. Grammar’s father to sell his house and limit double mortgage payments. Southern Fried’s family member’s health concerns.

Announcements: VQ for Chateaux Friday, Basketball at GCA Saturday at 7pm, Read Freed to Lead

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