Workout went like this:

50 Copper head Squats

25 Merkins

5 Burpees

Mosey to little rock pile and grab 2 mini rocks

Lap around the track with hallelujahs. (This was not the best idea and broke my rule of no rock pile when it is this cold out. Sorry fellas will do this again when it is warm out.)

Mosey to the first tree to slay the beast!  Directions are simple and first done by the original Site Q Hokie.

6 Exercises, 6 Stops, 6 Reps..Exercises were as follows:

Gorilla/Monkey Humpers

Lunge-Jump Burpees (This was definitely a PAX favorite)

Mule Kicks

Hand-Release Merkins

Ranger Merkins

1 Merkin-5 Hallelujiahs

Lap around the trap and Bono led us in COP until 6:15.


HDHH at Tapped 5-7

Cousin IT has the Q at the Good Fight

Abu has the Q at The Clydesdales

Slim Jim has the Q at The Rush

Prayer Requests:

Grammar- Praise for Chris and being back at school still, prayer request for a donor for his kidney transplant.

Half- Pipe with safe travels with his M to New York.

Popeye- ECU student killed in a car crash yesterday.  Other driver in critical condition.

Praise for Popeye and today being his 100th workout!


Yesterday I had talked a little junk on Twitter about Boyd Lee being the toughest workout of the day talking junk to Vanilla trying to get guys to post and excited about the workout.  I had an idea in mind, and really wanted to execute and give guys their moneys worth, so I hope that was achieved.  Vanilla then mentioned on Twitter his workout being the toughest, so I proposed a QvQ challenge to mix things up and again gain some excitement among the PAX.  We will see if he accepts!  During the cold and bitter winter months it is important to keep the workouts going, and PAX engaged.  During our EC ruck with Chimichanga he mentioned numbers being a little down from when he started, and it is normally a trend as it gets colder.  I challenge not only Vanilla, but I also challenge guys to try something new, talk so smack and challenge a PAX to a head to head workout and let the guys that post reap the benefit of a solid beat down.


Merry Christmas everyone.


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