When YHC noticed Backhoe had been promoted to SiteQ, I quickly offered to Q…Yet the calendar was booked for several weeks! Confirms the strength of the PAX and of this AO. When YHC pulled in, the parking lot was looking like a Q wants it to…crowded! And they kept rolling in. YHC learned the day before how much Chicken Wang was starting to like the Indian Run and you know what that means. Ask and you shall receive!

5:30 came and the PAX had already formed our circle

We warmed up and got to it

  • Lap – Indian Run to the picnic shelter…we ran the long way
  • Merkin ladder challenge (merk , irk, dirk)
    • 4 count cadence (ouch)
    • 5 merkins, erkins, derkins
    • 10 merkins, erkins, derkins
    • 15 merkins, erkins, derkins
    • 20 merkins, erkins, derkins GOT SCRATCHED ARMS BURNED OUT…IF YOU CANT Q IT DONT DO IT
  • Lap – Indian run to the flag (opposite direction)…we ran the long way
  • Lunge 11s (burpee and jump squat)
    • 20-30 yard lunge (this was a deep burn)
    • I think Abu may have been the only finisher. YHC was on 2 and 8 when we finished our last round and then made our way to the wall.
  • Balls to the wall 5 count each PAX
  • People’s chair 5 count each PAX
  • Lap – Indian Run – the PAX all arrived at the Flag as the clock turned to 6:15.

Thanks to Backhoe for the opportunity to Q! The chance to lead HIM shouldn’t be taken lightly or turned down! It’s an honor and privilege to Q!! YHC will be ready to step up anytime Backhoe, just let me know!!!


  • Tool Time
  • Snooki
  • Hot Spot
  • Pied Piper
  • Injured/Recovering PAX


  • PAX Lunch Friday (burgers)
  • 4 year anniversary convergence Boyd Lee Park this Saturday Feb. 16th 7am-8am; Breakfast at 8am prepared and served by Villa Verde F3Snooki and is being paid for by Hot Spot
  • EC Ruck or EC Run 6am before the convergence.


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