Vested, Gloved. Bags a plenty, 9 PAX begin a journey at the corner of Charles and Fire-T. Everyone at least hit a 2 mile mark at the end of this first giving back to our community as F-3 ENC Crossbones. Awesome effort guys.

About 10 bags later, we ended. We had put in a total of (21) man hours, WOW guys. Thanks for your extreme efforts after an extreme work-out. Hot Pursuit, I want to be like you when I grow up, dedicated and believing in this cause. Certainly, your M knows how lucky that she is. That does not go without saying just how lucky all the M’s are just knowing how you PAX put in an extra extra today…the first H O T day of summer (thanks for the reminder there Belding). Thanks for the great fellowship during this xx miles effort. I was still weary from the sun so much, that my PAX buds absolutely held me accountable, so that I would not become a ‘road kill’ statistic.

This being a First, Adopt-A-Highway there is always the opportunity of ‘takeaways’ of what was learned: Breaking into teams, going various directions, having pick-up sticks (thanks Shrimp). Having a Respite of Shade at Hills. Having some H2O mid way, at least. SPF. Having a ride back to our starting destination (protects the hips, lips, legs, and brains)

Until the next Adopt-A-Highway…

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