It was a great pleasure to Co-Q with the Defender as we brought 32 PAX from F3 and FiA got together for a ‘Pre CoopStrong” workout before the Coopstrong run/ruck event to help raise money for ALS and remember one of the originating PAX of F3ENC, Papa Smurf.  Papa Smurf was a great leader, teacher, husband, father, and brother – and was such an inspiration to so many in the F3 nation and in the community.  His legacy will live on as we continue to support CoopStrong and find a cure for ALS. This is how the workout went down:

Warmup – Defender

52 Smurf Jacks  (would’ve been 52 on March 24)

20 Good Mornings (his first start up, he did 20 each of these exercises)

20 Windmills

20 Side Straddle Hops

TheThang – Wimpie

Pair up

One partner does high knees to cones and back

Other Partner does wide arm merkins

One partner does butt kickers to cones and back

Other Partner does ranger merkins

One partner does high knees to cones and back

Other Partner does shoulder tap planks

One partner does high knees to cones and back

Other Partner does reverse planks

Jack Webbs  (1 merkin, 4 hallelujahs to 10 merkins, 40 hallelujahs)


10 Squat Jumps, 10 lunge jumps, 10 donkey kicks

RINSE AND REPEAT – partner exercises to the cone

Circle of Abs – 10  minutes – Defender

27 Defenders (number of PAX Papa Smurf had at his Hard Launch on February 21st, 2015)

21 Shakiras (21 dips each side 1-1)

21 Reverse Plank Leg Lifts

21 Dirty Girls

ABC Alphabet Modified…Spell out Papa Smurf and Coopstrong

Ball of Man:

Cold Cut’s daughter and twin boys

Finances of CoopStrong Fundraiser event

Injured PAX


The best part of this workout was going back with Defender and looking at Papa Smurf’s twitter feed and some of the first workouts he did.  Papa Smurf did his first “soft launch in Feb 2015.  The first “Hard launch” was on February 21, 2015 and there were 21 PAX in attendance.  That workout consisted of a few different exercises but the one that stood out were the 11’s – Burpees and Merkins.  Papa Smurf loved a burpee and you could count on doing them if he was in charge.  I also remember the co-Q with Aquaman when we did a convergeance at the home of Papa Smurf. His mobility was starting to progress but he was able to get to the end of the road and join us in smurf jacks before we headed back to the front yard for Mary’s. I also remembered the time Defender and I joined Papa Smurf and his family on the Jolley Trolly to see the lights at Christmas – what a special time to enjoy some great F2 with Papa. Papa also lead a bible study as he was battling ALS – a time that I always looked forward to each week. The stories can go on and they will never be forgotten. Papa Smurf and F3 has had a great impact on my life and FIA has had such an impact on Defender – we need to count our blessings each day and remember it is the relationships that we make and endure that mean the most. Defender, thanks for the Co-Q, we rocked it and it was a pleasure leading by your side

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