F3 is so much more than a man can explain in words. YHC is often amazed at the amount of planning and detail that has gone into the creation and development of F3. Equally hard to describe is the positive impact it has on the men’s lives who engage. We try to explain, yet there is no way to get the audience to truly understand. F3 is an experience, a brotherhood, a movement, and YHC is thankful to be a part in it all.

When Tonka reached out to me near the end of January about the 4-year anniversary convergence, YHC was happy to Q part of the workout. By the end of the conversation, YHC was HL to be the Q of the convergence. If you are reading this and not in F3 or are new to F3, the request may seem small…but to YHC this meant a lot and was considered an honor and a privilege! Thankful for being considered and the goal was to not let the PAX down who have worked so hard to get F3ENC to where it is in 2019.

5-7 days out the forecast showed rain and the possibility of a low turnout was a concern. The EH game got strong those few days leading up to Saturday. As for the weather, all YHC can say is…The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain! and boy did it rain! I heard someone say “I didn’t get this wet the last time I went swimming”

There may have been some questions regarding timing throughout the hour and that YHC’s plan may not be fulfilled. YHC devised a plan to shoulder tap Pied Piper, who has been on the IR list since summer 2018, to keep us on time. Pied Piper was YHC’s secret weapon for timing and his presence was a pleasant surprise for the PAX. Thanks, Pied for stepping up!! Couldn’t have stayed on time without you!! Guys that are on the IR list want to be in the gloom with their brothers…find a way to get them back out! Modify a workout, shoulder tap for logistics or 2nd and 3rd F’s…we need them and they need us…FIND A WAY!!!

We circled up and 7:00 was among us. The PAX were given an introduction, the instructions for the morning, and the disclaimer.

We will warm up then break into 3 groups. Rotating after 15 minutes to get a beatdown from each of the Qs. Rotating from Q to Q in 2 minutes or less…TWO MINUTES.

Warm Up

Abu got us warmed up and ready for a morning full of all 3 F’s! YHC always wondered if Abu raised his voice…wonder no more, the cadence call was loud and clear! Thanks, Abu (1stF-Q) for all the knowledge you bring to the table and for how you #giveitaway to all the PAX (especially the newer guys, including YHC). We all know the PAX have much respect for Abu, even though we bust his chops with the 6-10 step exercises he can come up with.


YHC was tasked with selecting the Qs. This was no easy task as there are so many great options in F3ENC. YHC was instructed to find newer guys to Q the workout. Looking back to November 2017, YHC did some figuring and shoulder tapped the men who had really chugged the Kool-Aid since starting F3. A few names that were in the mix…Fruity Pebbles, Chimichanga, Panther, Bartman, Candy Cane, Silverback, Stabler, Erie, Backhoe…All these #HIM bring the pain if you are looking for a push!

Final Q selection –>Rafiki, Scotty Moe, and Bearded Jester.


  • 10 – San Antonio Shuffles
    20 – Burpees
    30 – Merkins
    40 – Overhead claps
    50 – Monkey Hummers
    60 – Lunges
    70 – Squats
    80 – LBC’s
    90 – Flutter Kicks
    100 – Moroccan Night Clubs

Moleskin- YHC was honored to be shoulder-tapped to Q today.  F3 has made a huge impact on my life.  YHC is thankful for all those men who came before him and got F3-ENC up and running.


Bear Crawl the wood Slalom style.
Money to the softball field fence for B2W 5 ct by each pax.
Tunnel of love on the field.
Partner up for 10 partner dips and 10 bro Merkins followed by partner run to home plate while other partner does burpees all with a flapjack.
Final 2 mins pax do the Bench! ( Flutter kicks to failure followed by 3 merkins.)

Thanks for the push from all the PAX… sorry I got everyone wet!


Grabbing a rock from the rock pile, the Pax circled up.

  • Drop the rock 1 Burpee.
  • Curls for the girls. IC 5X
  • Tricep extensions. IC 5X
  • 2 burpees.
  • Curls for the girls IC 10X
  • Tricep extensions. IC 10X
  • 3 burpees.
  • Curls for the girls IC 15X
  • Tricep extensions. IC 15X
  • (by round three the pax knew what to expect, but they didn’t know what would come next.)
  • Drop the rocks, grab a partner and meet at the traffic circle.
  • Partner squats. 3X at each tree
  • Circle back up.
  • Merkins IC 10X
  • Monkey Humpers IC 10X
  • Imperial Walkers IC 10X
  • WW2’s IC 10X
  • Rinse and repeat 2X
  • What does F3 mean to you? Pax gave their one word to describe what they like best.
  • Any pax that finished early, were rewarded with an opportunity to repeat their partner squats. Group 2 was lucky enough to get an extra 6 squats in before the horn.


  • To honor those that led us to this point, we closed the day with a Mary led by our previous/current Nantan’s (leaders) of F3ENC.
    • 1 – The Closed Hand
    • 2 – Papa Smurf (Tbone stepping in Papa Smurfs place)
    • 3 – Bono (awarded most Abu like exercise)
    • 4 – Tonka

We finished right on time and Pied Piper gets the credit!!! Tonka was impressed!!


  • Count O Rama and Name O Rama

We counted 66 in the circle, Gazelle had to run and we had 3 on breakfast duty. 70 total Pax (including 3 FNG’s – welcome to the gloom Finkle, Denied and Sidney) for a wet soggy, gloomy, morning filled with all 3 F’s!!!

  • See name-o-rama video here–> https://photos.app.goo.gl/cdvccNUqAhp2vGKv8
  • See FNG naming video here–> https://photos.app.goo.gl/M8byTKMJKZejqVg18
  • Tonka blessed us with some truth nuggets about F3, it’s impact, and reminded the PAX to continue to #giveitaway!
    • See video here (didn’t catch the beginning of the message)–> https://photos.app.goo.gl/8vDM1qaGR8FL9JzP7


  • Hot Pursuit closed us out and reminded us of the purpose behind what we do and how we do it. Great prayer and thank you for stepping up!!


  • Big Big thank you to Hot Spot, Snooki, and Bambino for preparing and serving breakfast. Bacon (deep fried), scrambled eggs and fried potatoes.
  • We are blessed to have Hot Spot…this is the second year he has stepped up and covered breakfast for our anniversary convergence. On top of that, he gives God all the glory!! #HIM
  • Last note on breakfast, Although it helped while supplies lasted…there was not enough coffee in Greenville to keep the soaking wet PAX warm.

During breakfast, we announced the winners of the superlatives. Good clean fun!!! See who won here–> http://www.f3enc.com/backblasts/general/4-year-anniversary-superlatives/


What an honor! To engage and utilize the endless weaponry of the PAX is truly a privilege! The problem was never can YHC get someone to help or step u…the problem was having too many #HIM to choose from. What a great problem to have as an F3 region and as a community. Super High Impact Men (#SHIM) are all around us each and every day. During the planning YHC made a commitment to myself, a commitment I urge all to consider, utilize the tools that the PAX collectively offer and do so on a routine basis (and not just for F3 matters but for all matters). Tap into this resource as often as you can and trust me you will be much better for doing it!!

Thank you to everyone again for coming, especially those DR PAX! Thankful for all F3Nation OG’s for pushing the rock and especially those here in ENC Crossbones…Big shout out to those that are out here posting in the gloom day after day! You know who you are and you are true #SHIM!! You inspire the rest of us more than you know!! Keep pushing the rock!

Thank you again to my fellow ENC PAX. I am beyond humbled to have been asked to assist with our 4-year Anniversary convergence! For several reasons, YHC would have never considered this just a few months ago. F3 really has made a significant positive impact in such a short period of time.

  • This is all about getting right, living right, leading right, and leaving right! #G3L
  • IronSharpeningIron!
  • No man left behind!

YHC wanted to make sure to pay respect to Papa Smurf and the impact he continues to have on all (even YHC who never go to meet Papa)!

“Know that your life matter to many, so do good work, laugh every day and press on!” – Papa Smurf

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