Runners were released to begin their leisurely stroll around the block. Made Me Late led the runners on a 10k run, some probably did more.

Warm Up was led by Fruity Pebbles with some partner wheelbarrows, some squats, and some merkins to get the blood flowing.

YHC led The Thang:

Simple but effective, just like the revolutionaries’ strategy almost 250 years ago. It went like this:

13 rounds (for 13 colonies) of:

  1. 20 squats & 19 merkins (for the current year, 2019)
  2. 7 (for the month) mountain climbers, 2 is 1
  3. 4 (for the day) burpees
  4. 17 shoulder taps & 76 flutter kicks (to celebrate America’s birthday, 1776)

Finished with some sprints, American Samoan burpees, and ski merkins. A few moments of Mary before the runners got back. Count-o-rama and name-o-rama.

Prayer Requests

injured PAX, Half Pipe injury, USA, Jock Itch job search, Mayhem’s son deployed, mission team in Africa First Baptist Church, Police Officer heat stroke, praise for Fruity Pebbles 12 year old wanting to get baptized.

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