• When: 7/27/2019
  • QIC: Grammar and Bearded Jester


Where:  The Town Commons, Greenville, NC

When:  July 27, 2019 6:00 am

What:  CSAUP is defined as “…something we do not in spite of their difficulty, stupidity and pointlessness, but because of those things.” (Freed to Lead, p. 106)

Why: The Sasquatch came into being as a way to honor Bigfoot. Bigfoot is now in Seattle bringing his unique brand of pain to those crazy enough to follow. As an FNG I experienced a great deal of discomfort with Bigfoot as the Q. The previous F3 Fitness Q and current Nantan and #Mumblechatter Master came up with the idea and everyone said, “Yep. That’s really stupid. Let’s do it.”Since that first Sasquatch a gracious plenty have taken part. 150+ Pax of F3 Nation have taken up the challenge. Growth and the pains that come with it will take place. Life has some things in store that many of us could not have anticipated. For F3 ENC one of the most significant events was our first Nantan, Papa Smurf, being diagnosed with ALS. The Pax of F3 ENC and F3 Nation has since locked shields and carried a Blue Brick. #CoopStrong is a part of us all and an AO, “Coop’s Stronghold” (formerly The Stadium) now exists. Sasquatch II and III expressed how much he means to all of F3. This year’s Sasquatch V will have that same focus because Papa Smurf is proof that a man’s life is not the sum of his accomplishments but of the lives he touches.

We will begin at Town Commons in Greenville, head to EB Aycock Middle School(3.3 Miles), The Stronghold (1.55 Miles), Elm Street Park (.56 Miles), Green Springs Park(1.14 Miles), and back to Town Commons for a sprint to the finish(3.3 Miles).  It’s a 10 mile course with 5 beatdowns in the heat of a North Carolina summer followed by breakfast at Town Commons. From a logistical standpoint it will be a bit easier because the course is a loop this year.

There is also an option for the Ruckers of the PAX

For a Map of the Course Click Here


Cost:  $20 per PAX.  This covers a finisher patch, breakfast, and hydration.  Remaining proceeds will be donated to Ainsley’s Angels (See The Sasquatch Award below).  Cash will be accepted at the event, beforehand (collected at AOs by the Site Qs, or paypal to greenvillenc@f3nation.com or the quick Payment link https://www.paypal.me/F3ENC


How:   Three groups:

The Completely Stupid – Those Pax who run the course and participate in the beatdowns at each AO. Pax have a choice; do it all or only part of The Sasquatch. As long as you step out with a Mean Mean Stride. The PAX who choose to Ruck will workout at the Commons, Stronghold, and Green Springs so 3 AO’s for Ruckers.


The Support Team – It’s going to be hot. Pax have provided support by driving and biking from AO to AO. Those water stations between and at each AO are something we all count on. We are large particle men and we don’t let Pax fall through the Sifter.  Pax may need assistance, due to heat or injury, and the Support Team is essential in pulling off this effort. Finally The Support Team helps with recording final run times (See the Sasquatch Award Below) and help with coordinating breakfast.

AO Qs – Pax who lead 1 of 5 workouts at the F3 ENC AOs.  

Sasquatch Day-of Reminders

  1. Start and stop at Town Commons.
  2. Stay Hydrated!
    1. There will be coolers transported and stationed along the route and at each of the AO’s. When you arrive to an AO, grab a drink and don’t litter.  We’re serious. The only traces that need to be left are hard to find Merlot and puddles of sweat.
  3. Listen to Your Body
    1. Support Team Pax will be available for picking up PAX. Watch out for each other!
  4. Be Aware of your Surroundings!
    1. We will be running on the road. Watch out for traffic and watch out for each other.
  5. 12 Minute Mile Max (Runners) and 17:30 Minute Mile Max (Ruckers)
    1. We plan to wait for the six before the workout begins but there will be a 12 minute/mile max. If the six is not at the AO by the 12 minute per mile time, the workout will begin, giving the six an opportunity to catch up to the PAX while being conscientious of total time.
  6. Show Respect for your Brother that is Still Competing
    1. Listen up for the Qs direction. After you get something to drink, show respect for those still competing by holding plank, Balls to the Wall, Al Gore, etc.  AO Qs will hold you accountable.
  7. There is No “I” in F3
    1. Make sure that no man is left behind. There will be at least two people at the six at all times.  If this was your first time running 9 miles, would you want to do it alone?
  8. The Sasquatch Award
    1. The only point in which this is a competition is at the very end. The run and ruck from Green Sprint will be a 5K mile run/ruck back to Town Commons. The winner of this section gets the coveted Sasquatch Trophy for the year.  The proceeds will be donated to Ainsley’s Angels.

This CSAUP comes down to this. We will struggle and we will like it. The purpose is not to prove what studs we are (#Truth). It is to accept that there is no growth without struggle. We are all grateful for the opportunity to get out and push our bodies and minds. We are also there for the Pax next to us. YHC looks forward to the struggle with men who understand what it means to Give and Sacrifice. See you July 27th at the Greenville Town Commons!




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