Noonan offered his place to go and do some training a few months ago. Six other PAX accepted the invite. YHC challenged Noonan to come up with an Agenda and that he did. Many wondered what we did or have asked, here is a summary of what was planned and what actually happened!

⁃ Leave (Starbucks bear hospital)
⁃ Eat breakfast before or at Starbucks
⁃ 4 hour 30 minutes drive to :house:
⁃ Stop to eat otw in Hickory, NC

So we actually ended up leaving around 9:30a. Someone was running behind due to the 2.0’s. Wimpie called around 8:30a and mentioned they (Strokes and Underdog) were at McDonald’s. Told him that Noonan was running behind, he thanked YHC for the advance notice. We roll up to find that Hot Spot was waiting outside Starbucks with his pillow and bags in hand. Many in the community weren’t shocked, but wondered why there? Underdog joked Noonan about his shorts that he must have borrowed from Bono or his M while he went in to get his Starbucks Double Shot. We were off…

Stopped at Mebane Sheetz to refuel Noonan’s sled and get a quick snack.

Had to stop about an hour later because some guys decide to drink too much. We got in the gas station in the middle of no where and the line was wrapped around the store for the bathroom. We decided to be good citizens and forego our places in line to use the area near the dumpsters near the back of the property instead.

⁃ Lunch – Hatch Sandwich Bar
⁃ (

Due to traffic, late starts, and stops it was closer to 1:30p. Sandwich’s were really good and worth the stop.

⁃ Arrive
6951 Timber Rock Rd., Lenoir, NC 28645

Think we arrived some where near 3:00p. PAX unloaded and claimed their sleeping spot for the next two nights. Some Ping Pong was played. Wimpie wondered when we were going Whitewater rafting.

⁃ 4-8 miles
⁃ Plan to run in neighborhood
⁃ Plenty of road and incline

Somewhere around 4:00p we took off. We went back down the hill from Noonan’s place to the entrance (1 mile) and back up (another mile). We all got around 6 miles and 1000 feet of Elevation. This was by far one of the hardest runs YHC had ever done. We were all convinced that the it would be nice and easy since it was in the neighborhood.

⁃ Leave for Dinner
⁃ Blowing Rock Brewery or PAX choice
⁃ (
(this place has great food. I am open to all suggestions and we will eat in Blowing Rock on Saturday also…see below)

We got back on schedule, food is a great magnet. Blowing Rock was crowded and took some time to park. Once we arrived we were told it would be 1 hour and 45 minute wait. We got some drinks and some apps and hung out. A table became available after the wait and we had a great meal. We hung around town and visited a few shops.

10:30p-12:30a (optional)
⁃ 4-6 miles
⁃ Plan to run in neighborhood

Wimpie thought since they were optional, it meant you didn’t have to. Peer Pressure made everyone cave and were scared to run in the neighborhood again. We kept it flatter and all got around 2 miles and 200 feet of Elevation. Most of us crashed because we knew what the morning brought.

⁃ Flat Top Mountain Trail
⁃ 4.8 miles trail run 660ft gain (2.4 out and back) climb tower for sunrise and COT
⁃ Sunrise at 6:35am
⁃ Can do this twice if anyone wants

What an awesome trail. We saw all kinds of deer and the view from the tower for the sunrise was awesome! Underdog and Wimpie white knuckled it while at the top, but accomplished something that was not easy for them. Hot Spot led us in prayer and were grateful! All got the mileage and elevation mentioned above.

⁃ Breakfast at SunnyRock in Blowing Rock
⁃ (

After a brief wait, we were feasting on awesome breakfast. A few guys look like they ordered the buffet.

⁃ House OR Rest in town (my vote house)

We went back to the house after the grocery store for a little rest.

⁃ Lunch (Pick up sandwiches to go at Blowing Rock Market or PAX choice)

Blowing Rock was packed and we decided to start our runs.

⁃ Drive to:
⁃ Car 1 – Legs 6, 8, 9
⁃ (Belding, Hot Spot, Cousin IT)
⁃ 40 min drive from BR or 60 min drive from :house: to leg 6 start
⁃ 10-15 min drive end of leg 6 to beg of leg 8
⁃ 145 min – total run time
⁃ 30 min drive to BR or 45 min drive to :house:
⁃ 4:30p-5:00p back in Blowing Rock
⁃ Car 2 – Legs 10, 12, 13
⁃ (Strokes, Wimpie, Noonan, Underdog)
⁃ 40 min drive from BR or 55 min drive from :house: to leg 10 start
⁃ 20 min drive end of leg 10 to beg of leg 12
⁃ 205 min – total run time
⁃ 0 min to BR or 20 min drive to :house:
⁃ 4:30-5:00 back in Blowing Rock
⁃ End up in Blowing Rock
⁃ Food will be PAX choice

Most guys ran their legs that they would be running next month, Underdog ran Strokes legs with him. Don’t think anyone made it back to the house, but Strokes crew went back to Blowing Rock to eat at Foggy Rock around 4:30p. We opted for Bojangles in Boone and were scared to shut the restaurant down if we got out due to our stench.

⁃ Drive to:
⁃ Car 1 – Legs 15, 17, 18
⁃ (Belding, Hot Spot, Cousin IT)
⁃ 10 min drive from BR or 30 min drive from :house: to leg 15 start
⁃ 5 min drive end of leg 15 to beg of leg 17
⁃ 195 min – total run time
⁃ 60 min drive to :house:
⁃ 11:00p-11:30p back to :house:
⁃ Car 2 – Legs 19, 21, 22
⁃ (Strokes, Wimpie, Noonan, Underdog)
⁃ 40 min drive from BR or 60 min drive from :house: to leg 19 start
⁃ 5 min drive end of leg 19 to beg of leg 21
⁃ 170 min – total run time
⁃ 80 min drive to :house:
⁃ 11:15p-11:45p back to :house:

Most guys ran their legs again, Underdog ran Strokes legs with him. Mr. Belding decided to not run up Grandfather mountain due to his earlier leg. YHC cut his short to not overdue it.

⁃ :house: :shower: :sleeping_accommodation: :zzz:

We arrive back at the house around 8:45p. The other guys were closer to 11:45p. We went to sleep about 10:00p while the others decided to stay up till about 2:00am.

⁃ PAX choice to run before or after breakfast and how much
⁃ YHC will cook breakfast (bacon,sausage,egg,toast,coffee)
Leaving time will be up to the PAX. YHC prefers sooner than later.

Hot Spot was going to run, but was catching a cold. All the other guys were out and YHC was going to go alone. Strokes came up the stairs and decided he would venture out too. We got at least 3 miles in the neighborhood with another 600 feet of Elevation.

We came back grateful that the other guys left us some breakfast. They did a great job preparing while we were out sweating.

We hung out on the back deck and talked about the weekend.

PAX were informed that YHC would write this up and asked for their comments, here they are:

Strokes – “What a fantastic weekend! Smiled so much not due to how hard the work was (it was very hard), but because of the awesome group of HIM to struggle, laugh, and press on with. Was a legendary weekend in BRR training. Feeling ready for the BRR in mind, body, and soul!”

Mr. Belding – “I don’t expect that all of this will make the BB but I need you guys to know you did God’s work by encouraging me this weekend and for the last 4 years.
This was epic for me. The struggle, nature and the fellowship created the fuel for growth. That first day pushed me to the limit and Saturday took me well beyond. Creating a life worth living, one that gives meaning and purpose comes from struggle and challenges like this weekend. This year’s BRR is going to push me to my limits; heck, probably beyond. This weekend showed me that I can go there and that my hombres are with me. You guys are my pack, my road dogs, my ride or die brothers on this earth. Noonan sharing the beauty of the cabin and the hospitality of just being able to go and focus on running is a true gift. T-Claps brother! Final thought. I am still awestruck by the willingness of men to stand by me. At one point, of many, Thee Hot Spot helped me make it to the top of a hill when it felt like my heart was exploding and I was seeing stars. Wimpie sprinting up hills and coming back to me while I plodded along a trail. Strokes emerging from the woods like a fleet footed Sasquatch to run with us to the tower. So many other moments, including onion rings, that I recall. They are in the pain bank. When I’m out on the road over the next few weeks I have your words of exhortation and support to keep me going. #CoopStrong”

Hot Spot – “Bison burger, ran, onion ring, ran, grits, ran, drank a Chub, slept.”

YHC – Another awesome trip where we were surrounded by all 3 F’s! One of the greatest highlights was the Flat Top Mountain Trail Run. Legs were still beat up from the day before, but the trail was so nice. Then the views and sunrise from the top were astonishing! Hot Spot’s prayer made YHC think especially when we were almost back. YHC went back for the six to be the best man he could be in all phases of life.

Checkout the pictures from the weekend here –!

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