• When: 12-1-16
  • QIC: Tonka

The Plank is part of F3 ENC. It’s part of our Pirate culture and if you look at the center of our logo on our Pirate Flag, the Plank holds a position of prominence.

As life changes, so does F3 ENC. As ENC started to expand and first hit 8 workouts in 7 days, Mellow Johnny made an announcement that he was going to “Run the Gauntlet” and post at all 8 workouts in a week. Cousin IT had already done it several times, but he is a freak of nature and our version of Cal Ripken Jr.

Shrimp and YHC brainstormed and what came out of it was The Plank. It is just a simple piece of wood, but it represents the first goal of doing something Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless. It’s harder than it seems to post 8 times in 1 week.

Hark – with the consolidation of Bruiser, we no longer have an afternoon workout. This means that although we have more than 8 workouts, it’s not possible to post at more than 7 in a week. The Plank is still the Plank and we will stow it away for safe keeping, but it’s only a piece of wood.

Speaking of wood, we have been talking about the Plank 2.0 for a while and already have a new Plank. ¬†This plank appears similar in nature to the first one, however, it takes that 1st F challenge to another level, a longer and more sustained level. I know that being longer and more sustained might be a challenge to our younger crowd, but one day they too will grow up and be able to sign the Plank…

Here’s the current Plank 2.0 requirements (we will now call it the Plank): 1) post 20 times in a month; 2) if you do it again the next month, you can put a tick mark next to your name (this is the Cousin IT part of the plank)

The Plank starts Dec 1st, so be prepared men. Are you able to bring a long, hard, sustained, effort to your 1st F workouts…we will see at the end of month.

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