Early morning at the Eagle’s Ridge with the Circle of Pain and the Meadow of Misery. We started out with the normal warm up routine and some stretches in the circle. We moved to the flags and made use of the benches while we rotated all pax through 10 derkins while the others held a derkin plank. This was followed up with dips in the same fashion and then failures to launch. We had a rinse and repeat with 5 reps and moved to the meadow.

In the meadow we formed teams of two where each member had to do 100 hip thrusts, 150 LBCs and 200 hallelujahs. While one member did the exercises the other member jumped rope, or some spastic variation of jumping rope, and switched roles until the exercises were done.  A band of German quality control scientists were strolling by and they noted that 10 out of 7 F3 members were unable to jump rope. When asked about the confusing, improper fraction they noted that some PAX were so bad at it they counted as more than on on the international badness scale.

Once completed we headed to the Pirate statue for racoon crawls, stair runs and squats with a final reflective minute of reflection using the opossum exercise before heading to the circle for a last minute of stretches.

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