Ghost Q’ing happens to the best of us and that’s what happened today. Otown, myself, Southern Fried and Whoops collectively embraced leadership as we shared in the responsibilities as our renowned Butterworth embraced the fartsack. In his absence was bestowed “Mrs. Butterworth” on which the award was given for the…………………………….youngest. How sweet it is!!

It happened sorta like this: Warm-Ups with SSH, Stretching, Good mornings. Made our way from the SF to the Concrete Circle Benches for some action. Merkins, Dirkins, Step ups. Headed on down the stadium visiting gates around to gate 1. Otown was in a mosey mood. Suicides, Merkins, LBC’s, Flutterkicks, Carolina Dry Docks, Dips, WWII’s, Step Up squats, Squat-allelujahs (Whoops), Hillbillies, Backward Lunges, Forward Lunges. Glad Southern-Fried showed, so Whoops wouldn’t have to talk crap again about him not showing.

All smothered on top with Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup. How sweet it is!

Shirts back on.

Count-o-rama-4. Name-o-rama. Site Q prayed us out.

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