Drove into the almost vacant ECU Gate 5 area parking lot finding a lone Cherokee. A few later I see PATCH hoofing it for EC. Way to go Patch. Fruity Pebbles showed (Soft Shell, absent). Old SF planted respectfully. Who’s this guy coming up with no toboggan? A brave Vortexan from Chapel Hill……Gotta be Nightshift. Found out at the end of the 50 foot work out how HATE became real.

Went like this, I think after the disclaimer. No FNG’s. Began when my bones said it was 05:30, as well as ending today. Good mornings, Abe Vigoda’s, SSH.

Fast walk 50 feet to the wall where…………we didn’t rest much. People’s Chair by 20 back and forth, almost to fatigue. Fruity provided an American Samoan treat in counting for us. Planking. Upward and Downward Dog, without rest. Grave Diggers, without rest. Staggered Merkins….Halt. Recover. Now, we said hello some more and developed some 2nd F.

Circle Benches. Step up squats. Irkin Planks. Dirkin Planks. All taking a count turn….Back to the Wall (Build that Wall). Balls to the wall for a 20 count down the line, Somebody had ass to the wall. Into Upward and Downward Dogs again to fatigue w/o rest. People’s Chair again with Hallelujahs. Jack Webbs, 1 Merkin to 5 Hallelujahs up to 10 Merkins to 50 Hallelujahs. Flutter Kicks.

SF. Count-o-rama. Name-o-rama. Now, Nightshift shares his hate displeasure yuck about hard isometrics. Well men, you and are are proof that Ar$$ces got kicked by this older man. See if you can still do it when over 50 (RESPECT)

Prayers: Levi. Hot Pursuit, King Pin, Patch’s 2.0 in Bama and a ‘passing grade’ in psychology, Yaah. Our Country. Eagle’s Ridge. God Bless!!

Cold-Cut Out. Out. Out.

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