We had a great time! Glad to see 9 in the #Gloom and take on some health mumble chatter as we made our ways the parking lots of DFS. We were even greeted by Firetrucks and police cars… what a welcoming!!

Warm up:

  • 15 SSH IC
  • 10 Good Mornings IC and that was it!

The Thang:

  • Went to grassy area 1, where we performed 11’s of Monkey Humpers and Drips by the bus stop
  • Next, over to the parking lot with uneven merkins on one curb, side lunged to across the lots for more uneven merkins with side lunges back to our starting point
  • We R&R’d, with the exception of lunges, this time they were alternating moving forward and returned with backward lunges
  • To wall for the people chair, where Spinal Tap was encouraging the PAX with one of the slowest and loudest counts to 10 every!!!
  • We slide over to the semi-circle wall for 25 step ups, followed by 10 leg dips per leg.
  • Onward to the know for 4 corners of 25 Mary’s: WW1, WW2, LBC’s and American Hammers.
  • Since we were near more curbing we performed two more rounds of uneven merkins and lunges.
  • The PAX were OYO fast, there was time left, so we RR’s the 4 corners of Mary’s in reverse order.
  • Finally getting so close to 6:15, there was just enough time for Spinal Tap to lead in flutter kicks, 50 IC!!



Easy Rider – continued prayers for Ex-M and family

Spinal Tap – prayers for his family with M’s mother and her dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Cold Cut – prayers for our nation!

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