5 PAX gathered at Eagle’s Ridge on a chilly 40 degree morning.  Everyone was eager to get started and warmed up and I did my best to not disappoint on the warm up part by bringing the Minges Circle of Joy.  The Minges Circle of Joy title comes from the different spots around Minges Coliseum area that we did different workouts at. All the PAX seemed overcome from the joy of this F3 session!

Warm Up at Flag

  • Good Mornings IC x 10
  • SSH IC x 10
  • Merkins IC x 10
  • High Knees IC x 10

Mozey to Minges Mountain (behind Minges)

  • Lunges down hill
  • 10 WWIs at bottom of hill (OYO)
  • Plank hold until everyone finished.
  • Bear Crawl or Lunges up hill
  • 10 Merkins at top of hill (OYO)
  • Plank hold until everyone finished.
  • Repeat  5X

Mozey to Green Lime Bike (parking lot behind Minges)

  • With partner, one partner runs/jogs to car approx. 75 yards from Lime Bike and runs back.  Second partner does various exercises of 100 Merkins and 200 Squats.  Partners alternate on running and doing these exercises until completed.

Mozey to Tennis Courts

  • Using the outer rectangular perimeter of all tennis courts in this complex, PAX performed alternating exercises of monkey drills and imperial walkers until we completed one lap of this outer perimeter.

Mozey to Murphy Center Steps (ones on north side)

  • Run up steps
  • 10 Mountain Climbers at top of steps
  • Run down steps
  • Repeat 5X

Mozey back to Flag

  • Count O Rama
  • Name O Rama

Prayer Requests

  • Easy Rider’s high school friend (died unexpectedly)
  • Easy Rider’s family member recent engagement
  • Easy Rider’s fiancée taking her comprehensive exams in Dec
  • Hot Pursuit
  • King Pin
  • F3 Brothers out with ongoing issues.
  • Levi
  • This country and world
  • Displaced people from California wildfires
  • Students and first responders.


Chimichanga being Q on Thurs.

Rootin Tootin enjoyed being the Q for this great group and appreciate all their efforts and support!



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