Warm up

15 Side Straddle Hops IC

20 Squats

The Thang:

We partnered up and mosey’d down to college hill parking lot.

Started at one corner doing 20xLBC’s while the other partner did side straddle hops then they switched when complete, moved to next corner for 20XWWI’s, next corner 20XAmerican Hammers, final corner 20xLeg Lifts, completed the round by doing 5 pullups. All PAX continued to run in place while the 6 completed pull ups.

Mosey’d to bottom of stairs for the set of Adrians! One partner ran to the top of the stairs and completed 10 side straddle hops and yelled “Adrian!” then ran back down to relieve their partner who was doing squats. They then switched. Completed 5 repetitions.

Mosey’d back to the start point for a set of Chicken Chasers! Inverted mountain climbers starting in the Balls to the Wall position. Completed 15 repetitions in cadence.

Circled up and completed with PAX selected exercises.

Prayer Requests

For safe travel, Splinter: for customer patience and staff working in heat, Cold cut: 2.0 wisdom teeth removed, Cousteau: girlfriend driving back from Belize, Noonan: Abu’s dad and Glow Worm’s sister-in-law.


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