Ssh x 20

IW x 20

Toe touches x 15

Arm Circles

the Thang

Pair up

One partner did Box burpees on the gate by the bench while the other partner ran to pirate statue and did 5 mule kicks. 2 partner merkins on the switch. 100 burpees/pair

A quick Mosey around mingesand then back to the north side by the pool entrance.

Lbc’s x 20 then bear crawl to the next corner

freddy mercury’s X 20 then bear crawl to the next corner

v-ups x 20 bear crawl again to the start

jump lunges x 20, lunge to the next corner

20 jump squats then lunges back to the start.

mosey down to the student parking lot by Charles.

finished with a merkin ladder 5 at the start and 5 at each light pole up the parking lot.



Hermies gonna be a DAD!!


Its cold out there fellas. I have the upmost respect for anyone who shows up during sub-freezing temps to make themselves better. It’s so easy to stay home, warm and safe but these men came out and showed how tough they are. We pushed each other and came out stronger, more resilient and better men on the other side. It’s done, we beat it boys. Proud of you.

Get after it.

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