It has been an awesome year for YHC! Blessed to have found F3 and the bortherhood that exists. Throughout the year I have traveled to other regions and have not found anything close to what we have here in ENC. Again, I want to thank those who got this thing going and especially those that have led and assisted with making this such a special F3 region. ENC for life!!!

6 PAX showed for EC Ruck at 440 (Noonan, Hot “Spot”, Kahuna, Grisham, Patch and Little Mermaid) Little Mermaid was lacking in the faith department this morning that Noonan would show for EC. He dedicated a video to me as I was pulling in. Thanks Mermaid for keeping me on my toes! Rucking is becoming my favorite time, the best fellowship happens with weight on your shoulders next to your brothers…Embracing the suck together!!

As 5:30 closed in, the PAX kept rolling in. Last but not least Cousin IT came in right as the circle was formed. 

Warm up

  • 3 burpees – (did one extra burpee for Cousin IT slight tardiness)
  • 6 smurf jacks
  • 5 absolutions

Next exercise was 11s (squats at top and burpees at bottom) on Mount Murphy…the stairs. The Q had the PAX count off into 1s and 2s to break the group up due to large numbers. 1’s stayed at stairs closer to the Flag and 2’s ran over to other stairs near the statue. Just for the record the 1’s did work (planked for the 6 on our side) and then went over to help pick up the 2’s or the 6. Same thing in this case. 

We then mosied over to the tennis courts for some 4 corners. 

  • 20 flutter kicks IC 4 count
  • 40 American Hammer 2 is one
  • 60 second plank once all pax made it over, for some it was more like a 120 second hold
  • 80 plank jacks, People’s chair for the 6

While holding our plank at corner 3, Bono and a couple other Rucker’s crashed the party…questioning what the heck the Q was doing…needless to say we worked this morning you mother Rucker’s!!

Last exercise was the Dora, partnered up, partner 1 bear crawling up the hill behind tennis courts then mosied back down to partner 2 who was performing the following exercises. Each exercise was to be completed by combining reps of partner 1 and 2.

  • 100 merkins
  • 200 squats
  • 300 LBCs

We mosied back to the flag, some went the long way around the front of Minges and some went the short way between Minges and Murphy Center.

F3 has had a significant positive impact on my life. My physical fitness is at an all time high, my mental awareness/strength continues to flourish daily, and relationships have developed that are truly meaningful. On top of that, my love for my greater power has become real and visible. YHC is not sure why every man hasn’t tried or doesn’t stick with F3 (outside of those who are injured or handicapped). That is where the PAX step in, to get a man to post in the gloom and continue to create and develop leaders. It all didn’t make since at first, but now with a year under the belt, I get it.


  • Abu’s dad
  • Glow worms sister-in-law (Tina) battling cancer and divorce. Keeping kids happy
  • Minnesota Fats friend battling cancer, 80 years old. Peace and understanding through difficult times.
  • Recounts family (wife passed away due to battle with cancer)
  • Grisham buddy getting married, prayers for successful marriage and great weeding weekend.
  • Stern had heat procedure, praise for F3 brotherhood during difficult times (power of prayer and brothers)
  • Duff’s fathers passing
  • Scottie Moe’s family
  • Injured PAX
  • Pied Piper almost been out for 1 year (expecting return for
  • Praise for Little Mermaid and Grisham for 2.0’s on the way
  • Prayers for our country


  • ALS  -Walf for the East
  • Pirate Radio (Stern) – looking to cut new commercials, contact Stern (30-45 seconds)
  • Sasquatch July 27th
  • BRR – -September 12th/13th
  • Grisham got the Plank 1.0
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