Shout out to Noonan who did an EC Ruck with me. Some good conversations and another 2.5 miles under our belts.

Since this was my first Q, I decided to introduce the PAX with a little taste of a workout I would put my rowers through when I was high school coach.


-10 Good Mornings

-20 Side Straddle Hops

-20 Imperial Walkers

The Thang: 

-After the Warm up we jogged over to the meadow and did 20 Minutes of Swedish Soccer Training (Running in a single file line around the perimeter of the grass and I would call out various exercises and a number of reps. After the exercise was finished, we would continue running.)

-Exercises done during the twenty minutes included: Merkins, Squats, Flutter Kicks, WWI, WWII, Jump squats, Hello Dollys, Burpees, Up-downs (from forearm plank to push up position), Bear crawls, and Indian Sprints.

After that refreshing jog, we moved over to the circle benches and did a body weight circuit. 10 exercises, 45 seconds working, 15 seconds rest.

Exercises were:


2. Squats

3. Step-ups

4. figure 8’s

5. Derkins

6. Jump Squats

7. WWII’s

8. Burpees

9. Reverse Crunch and hug (Rowers)

10. Balls to the Wall.

For the last part of the workout, we went back to the meadow and lined up shoulder to shoulder and completed Bear crawls, lunges, High knees, frog Jumps, and duck walks in the space between the trees. Then we sprinted from one end to the other 4 times with about 40 seconds to a minute of rest in between.

Finished out the time with some Ab work.

During name-o-rama, we welcomed an FNG, Wolverine.

Prayer Requests:

-Cousteau’s friend’s grandfather is in poor health

-Good weather, good health, and good times for CoopStrong

-injured PAX

Good first Q. Thankful to everyone who came out and Looking forward to being Q in the future.

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