• When: 02/24/2018
  • QIC: Gazelle
  • FNGs|Visiting Pax: All PAX invited

Over the past 3 years F3ENC Crossbones has seen many successes. We have impacted individual men and the community around us in great ways. That journey will continue in 2018. The Whetstone Project will help the members of our PAX be intentional about their personal journey and will help create a PAX who are sharper blades. It will go further and deeper in setting up a structure for Iron to Sharpen Iron. If you are reading this, you will want to be a part of this project.


We are all blades, and we all fall on a spectrum of how sharp or dull we are in different areas of our lives. If we as blades fails to stay sharp, as the Eagles say, it makes “half the distance feel twice as long.”  We find ourselves working harder and achieving less.  This is not a healthy state to be in, and something effective leaders recognize, and take time and effort to avoid. However, if we are not deliberate in taking the time to stay sharp then the difficulties of life will wear on us. We will become rusted and dull.


What all blades need is a whetstone; a tool used to keep the blade sharp. In F3 a whetstone is a mentor, an accountability partner.  He is a HIM (High Impact Man) who typically has more experience in life and often times has been through similar struggles. The whetstone has something to give and they want to give it to you. They will develop and nurture a trusting relationship with a blade and will be able to ask the tough questions. The questions that need to be asked. They will not be there to “fix” the blade. They are there to sharpen the blade.


Areas whetstones will help sharpen a blade in match the 3 Fs of F3:

a.      1st F – this is a check on you in the 1st F, are you consistently posting, are you getting enough rest so you avoid injury, how is your nutrition, how are you handling your Jester.

                                   i.     Jester – this is the emotion or activity that you turn to for comfort when you are experiencing stress in your life.  Some may turn to alcohol, pornography, food, sweets, anger, silence…..ect.  We each have it and you need to identify so you can move away from the activity.

b.      2nd F – Relationships – how are you doing with each relationship and are you keeping them in the right priority?

c.      3rd F – Faith – how are you doing on your faith journey.  Do you need to be held accountable to this area of your life?


When the time comes to sign up to receive your own  whetstone I hope you will do it. This is going to be a great opportunity. Other regions have already put this project into practice and have seen the positive impact it has made in men’s lives. Don’t miss out!

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