Good Morning!!

It was a breezy yet beautiful Monday morning. I’ve been thinking about changing up my normal template for my mash workouts, but recently I discovered that I’m actually gaining some mobility. I can sit back on my heels now so we’re headed in the right direction. If it works, it works.

The Thang

We started out with a 5 minute warmup run around the parking lot to get the juices flowing and picked up an FNG along the way.

Circled up for some mobility stretches, focusing on shoulders, hips, knees, and back.

Headed over to the concrete benches for the HIIT portion.

Three rounds of three exercises. 45 seconds as hard as you can followed by 15 seconds of active rest.

  • SSH, step-ups, LBCs
  • Lunges, box jumps, Freddy mercuries

popped over to Murphy mountain.

Same 45sec on/15 sec rest

  • Run stairs/monkey-humpers/stairs/calf raises
  • repeated until time.


Stern’s heart procedure

Victims of the synagogue shooting


Minnesota Fatts has the Q at Eagles Ridge tomorrow

Slim Jim has the reins at MASH next Monday.

Welcome BB!!

Panther outt


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