I think not…. Samoas>Knots, Thin mints>Learning to sail. No Contest, Cookies win.


  • SSHX20
  • SquatX15
  • 5-Minute run around the parking lot


  • PAX were led through about 12 minutes of stretching and apparently gastrointestinal release. WE focused on loosening up hips and back, listened to the birds chirp and watched the sun rise.

The Thangg

HIIT workout: three rounds of three exercises. 45 seconds high intensity 15 seconds low intensity boxer shuffles

  1. Butt Kickers
  2. High Knees
  3. Burpees

Short mosey over to the front of Minges

  1. Bear Crawls then 5 merkins at every brick line until we got to the entryway
  2. Lunges then 10 squat at every line until the bike rack

In the courtyard between Minges and Dowdy-Ficklen we rotated between karaoke shuffle, regular shuffle and running backwards. About 6 laps.

Circled up again and pax were called upon to lead their favorite core exercise



  • Kingpin’s final round of chemo
  • Pax that are going through job transitions
  • Cold-Cut’s 2.0
  • Choppa’s Daughters MRI
  • Splinter’s work crews and all those that are working in the heat


  • Koinonia Christian Center is hosting a prayer for our community and they’re trying to have 500 men attend. It would be a great opportunity to expand and reach out.
  • Sasquatch Saturday!!! Sign-up!!!!


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