Warm Up:  11 SSH; 11 High Knees; 11 Merkins

The Thang:

Stop One: Run the Murphy Center Stairs 11x

Stop Two:  The tennis courts for 4 corners stacking exercises with reps of 11’s. Corner 1 LBC, Coner 2 LBC & Merkins; Corner 3 LBC, Merkins, Jump Squats; Corner 4 LBC; Merkins; Jump Squats & Shoulder Taps.  Stayed at the tennis courts for one more round except do all four exercises in each corner 11x (San Fran was excited about this announcement)

Stop Three: The hill right outside the tennis courts for 11’s or Burpee’s and Bear Crawls.  Mumble chatter was strong during this stop

Stop Four:  The covered walkway by Minges for WWI & BTW.  13 PAX lined up against the wall alternating leading 11 WWI then the next PAX counted 11 seconds BTW and so on until everyone had gone

Stop Five:  The benches near the flag for 11 step ups, 11 super step ups and 11 erkins

Stop Six:  The flag for Skipper to lead us in flutter kicks for one minute until 615

Prayer Request:  Skipper’s Uncle is having surgery; San Fran’s Dad’s cancer; Walter Jones Family; Grisham’s Father is having triple bypass surgery Feb 19; injured PAX

Announcements:  F3 Anniversary this Saturday at 7am at BLP (free breakfast); Little Mermaid has the Q Wednesday at The School Yard

Moleskin:  Great group of men worked hard and beat February Eleven’s today.  Good to see the Vicksburg crew of Southern Fried, OTown & San Fran make it over to the stadium.  Also TClaps to Jeter’s return to the gloom; Newfie second post and for Skipper head locking FNG Bat Boy to join us this morning.  Let’s get a BIG crowd this Saturday for the anniversary (spread the word).  Thanks to Panther for the opportunity to Q.  See you in the gloom soon.

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