What is a man to do when he is challenged? Well it’s easy make up an excuse not to become a better man or take on the challenge.  It’s that simple.

Back story:  Gazelle visited Mr. Belding this past week in Greensboro and posted at a track AO with him.  He immediately came back talking about how we needed to add this to our weekly offering. Within minutes we decided to experiment with a track AO on Fridays at Rose High School track.  This could give us 5 run centric AOs (I believe) 2 of which are on a Tuesday (TheSummit is passing the torch thank you Nice Body). Additionally, within minutes Abu challenged me to be Site Q of this new AO.  Did I make an excuse?…..

The Thang:

Warm up: 800 meters (2 laps) easy

The workout: 8×600 meter (600 meters is 1 ½ laps) at moderate pace (an easy run but faster by about 30 seconds) with 200 meter easy (easy run) (8x) means 8 times.

Cool down: 800 meters (2 laps) easy

Prayer Requests:

Angus’ sister recovering from colon cancer.  She received good news at Christmas time but still has a long road to get there.

Injured PAX: The Hot Spot, Pied Piper, others


The beauty of track work is it doesn’t have to be sprints for 45 minutes, you don’t have to wear headlamps, blinky lights, hi-viz shirts, worry about hills, cars, or parking deck repeats, or even have the feeling that you are “bringing up the rear”. It’s you vs the track. It’s the time to sharpen up what can’t be done on the road.  Want to be faster at a 5K = track work. Want to maintain a certain pace for longer distance = track work. Want to have better running form = track work. Want to have a kickass time with PAX = track work. Make sure to post at TheSummit next Tuesday 0530 as we send it off in style!

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