A little over a week ago, YHC went to see Footloose to purchase a new pair of running shoes.  We had some pretty good conversations about past races, but a lot of our conversations revolved around BRR. As YHC was leaving the store, Footloose asked YHC if he was interested in Q’ing the Oval Office.  YHC was hesitant as he had not been part of many track workouts, but when he went home he messaged Footloose about taking on the challenge. Since a lot of the conversations revolved around BRR and having the physical ability and mental determination to compete in it, YHC wanted to come up with an idea that would push the PAX in the same way. When YHC came up with the idea, he was not able to test the beatdown prior to today.  When YHC arrived at the site, he realized Gazelle was putting in some extra credit by running some extra mileage before the beatdown; probably preparing for BRR.  But then 0530 came around and it was time to…



800m Jog


The Thang

This consisted of four rounds. YHC had it set to perform each round with a run interval (run hard for a specified amount of time and then jog for a specified amount of time), a leg exercise and then a sprint to the end.

Round 1:

60s/15s (4x)

Jog back to the Six

Lunge 50 meters

Sprint 50 meters

There was some mumble chatter when YHC stated to lunge 50 meters.  As we were performing lunges, YHC was pretty sure he heard The Closed Hand state “I love lunges!  We should do them more often!”  So, always remember to include lunges when The Closed Hand posts for one of your beatdowns.

Round 2:

120s/30s (2x)

Jog back to the Six

Squat Jumps (60 seconds)

Sprint 100 meters

The PAX did a great job through this round.  A lot of hard running along with the PAX making it through most of the time for the Squat Jumps.


Before performing round 3, YHC decided to have the PAX run in the opposite direction for the final two rounds.

Round 3:

120s/30s (2x)

Jog back to the Six

Single Legged Squat Jumps (30 seconds each leg)

Sprint 200 meters

At the start of round 3, Tortoise really started picking up the pace and showed no signs of slowing down.  Even with the running and leg exercises prior, he continued to cruise past the PAX.  The single legged squat jumps were a challenge for everyone, and then the 200m sprint didn’t help either.  But the PAX pushed through.

Round 4:

60s/15s (4x)

Jog back to the Six

Lunge Power Jumps (60 seconds)

Sprint 400 meters

The PAX had a great push for the last 400 meter sprint.



600m Jog



Belly Dancer’s Employer is going through a merger.


PAX lunch at Villa Verde

The Donut Mile on Sunday, April 7th


It was great to see so many men come out for an early morning track beatdown.  Even while the legs were getting tired and the heart was pounding hard, the PAX did great pushing through and not giving up.  It was awesome to see the physical ability and mental determination from all.  YHC very much enjoyed being your Q for today. Hope everyone has a blessed day.

– Captain Obvious

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