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Polar Bear Plunge

EC: Patch, Stabler, Ratched, Haavard, NoIDeer. WARM UP: Good mornings 10XIC Arm Circles 10X IC forward and backwards SSH's 10XIC THE THANG: DECONSTRUCTED BURPEES Mosey to the 1st intersection. Squats 20X IC Run to 2nd intersection Merkins 20X IC Run to 3rd...

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Too Sexy For My Q Juice

Warmup: Prayer Mosey to Pirate 11s - Step Ups & Tricep Dips Workout: Mosey to Tunnel of Love Touch the Sky & Wall Sits Mosey to lower lot Card Trick: 28 Sprints with Burpees Mosey to Tunnel of Love Touch the Sky & Wall Sits Mosey to gate 6 Step Ups &...

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Better, Stronger, Faster

The Little Mermaid sent a request for YHC to provide a beating! He gave the first available date. YHC was unsure about the date as he would be out of town for days previous and getting back late at night/early morning, what better way to HC though (unlike Fruity...

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Main Street Mayhem

With adding another year on to my age I wanted to spend a day running with some F3 Brothers and what better way to do that than at The Sandlot.  Shake and Bake was gracious enough to allow me to Q even though it was my first time posting at this AO. The Thang: We will...

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Dirtbag’s Unexpected Q

14 PAX met on Tuesday morning. Dirtbag did not know he had the Q. His site Q (me-Woody) was unable to get up with him as he lives practically off the grid! However, gamer that he is , he gladly took on the challenge. Warmup- SSH Boxcutters The Thang: Immediately moved...

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  A group of fine young men came together to run a few morning miles.  To keep it easy, we started from ESP and turned left onto 10th.  After a short journey, we made another turn at Charles and went the long way down to Elm St.  A final loop back to...

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Bear with me

0420 EC Ruck YHC, Patch, Haavaad, Pied Piper and Just the Tip. 0500 YHC Patch, Haavaad, Padre, Just the Tip met for Pray First led by Pied Piper where we discussed the Parable of the rich fool. 0530 Pledge of Allegiance  Warm up: 10 SSH IC 10 Good Mornings IC 10...

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Two is Better than One

Warm Up Thanks for Coming Out Double KB Burpees (Merkin, Hike Clean, Press) x 10 Rinse and repeat one more time Ok good now we are warm, or smoked, either way…let’s go! The Thang Double KB Complexes 3 Rounds of 5 each exercise for time 1) Russian Swings (palms facing...

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The 10th Month

First off, let me thank Scotty Moe and Bartman for letting me join back after a long absence due to sleepless nights with our newest addition (2.0), car trouble, and stressful work situations. These guys are great and super supportive. I am so glad to call Farmville...

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