• QIC: T-Bone and Gazelle

What: Studying Q-Source: The F3 Leadership Manual

When: Starting the first Sunday of 2019 (January 6th) – 6:45am – 7:15am, Sunday following The Commons AO

Where: Krispy Kreme


What is Q-Source you ask?

Within F3 a leader is called the Q, which is a man who takes responsibility for the outcome.

Because F3 is an organization of leaders rather than an organization with leaders, every man is asked and expected to be a Q, both within F3 and in the other groups in which he is a member outside of F3. This call to leadership arises from F3’s Mission , which is to plant, serve and grow men’s small workout groups in order to invigorate male community leadership.

Some outcomes are envisioned beforehand by the Q while others are thrust upon him by unexpected and sudden circumstance. For envisioned outcomes, the Q can anticipate and get prepared for what will be expected of him to be effective. But the Q cannot do that for unexpected outcomes because they come upon him suddenly—for those outcomes he must already be prepared to be effective.

To effectively respond to both the envisioned and circumstance-driven outcomes that arise along his path, the Q must gradually but consistently accelerate his Preparedness through four distinct quadrants: Get Right, Live Right, Lead Right and Leave Right (the G3L).

• GET RIGHT (Q1): to properly align himself the Q takes the Daily Red Pill (the DRP). This is his daily commitment to accelerate his fitness, fellowship and faith.

• LIVE RIGHT (Q2): to be purposeful the Q focuses on IMPACT. This is the forcible contact to strong effect that the Q will have on the other members of his groups if his personal alignment is proper.

• LEAD RIGHT (Q3): to practice effective leadership, the properly aligned and purposeful Q continually hones the skills he needs to enable his communities to be healthy, his organizations to be effective and his teams to be dynamic.

• LEAVE RIGHT (Q4): to build a legacy, the aligned and purposeful Q exerts disruptive leadership with IMPACT throughout his lifetime and beyond.

The QSource provides a guide to Preparedness to help the Q accelerate through his G3L (The four quadrants of Preparedness: Get Right, Live Right, Lead Right and Leave Right).

The same #HIM who brought you “Freed to Lead” have been working on “Q-Source: The F3 Leadership Manual”. F3 Nation has requested each F3 region to disseminate this information to the PAX. As all PAX who regularly post knows, iron sharpens iron. Therefore, rather than passing this information out for men to read alone, we are setting up a time to process this information as a group.


How: There are 50 points to go over and 52 weeks in a year. So, if we cover one point a week, we will be able to get to all of them in 2019 with two weeks to spare.  The conversations will be structured for efficiency, because we know PAX will need to get back home to their regular Sunday responsibilities. We ask that all PAX read the blog post by Dredd for the week.  Q-Source Blog  There will be a couple of minutes in pairs to discuss this material then the group will come together for a presentation portion of the material and an opportunity to discuss in a large group and an opportunity to discuss how to apply the information to our lives.  The Q for this meeting will rotate just like any other AO. T-Bone and Gazelle are the site Qs and will ensure there is always a Q lined up to lead.


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