The Gloom can be great for many reasons.  I had a huge beat down planned for this past Tuesday with Tires, Sandbags and a lot of playing in the dirt.  Then the day before I had an Aunt pass and it hit me a lot harder than I expected.  It had been coming and expected but still it was a blow.  With everything going on I didn’t get things together so I flew by the seat of my pants so to speak on the Q.  For the 2 hours in the gloom I was transported out of my sorrow and into a great brotherhood.  Thanks to everyone for that and for putting up with probably not my best Q.

We stared out with some good mornings and then began to ruck!  Jock Itch gave me a challenge to keep the troops together and I did my best to get it done.  When we reached the Soccer Field we stopped for some Merkins and Squats then a fun Twist,  Rucks Overhead to the Woods.  Once there more PT and off again.  We stopped at the fence for some peoples chair.  Next we went to the basketball court for some Bear Crawl forward and back.  After that Everyone on their backs for flutterkicks and a Ruck pass.  There was an impossible time hack Ruck, Balls to the Wall, a round of Dolly with 50 Merkins, Plankjacks, and Squats.  Finish with some old fashion Rucking!

Welcome FNG Grout!  Thanks for the time Men!

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