A couple of weeks ago, BJ put out a message, looking for someone to cover for him at Ruck Ready today since he was going to be DR for work. YHC jumped at the chance since he covered the Clydesdales for YHC in May.

YHC was actually glad to see the rain this morning, since some more star course training was needed and you never know what the conditions will be at an event. Unfortunately, the fart sack won round 1 when attempting to get up for EC. But YHC made sure not to suffer a round 2 loss and made it to the AO a little early. Patch, Stabler, Haavaad, Just the Tip, and Cousteau cane back to the flag after EC at 0510, and no one else decided to come and ruck in the rain. 0515 arrived, and we set off.

Warm Up:

None, just started rucking

Tha Thang

YHC wanted to keep it simple this morning. Some of the PAX were hoping for just mileage today, but YHC needed to throw in some PT as well.

We started off rucking around the back circle. We went around 1 time and stopped at the concession stand for 11s – BTTW get ups and Squats. Once completed, we set out for another lap and stopped at the concession stand again for round 2 of 11’s – this time with merkins and lunges. Once completed, we had just enough time for 1 additional lap around the compound and then finished up at the flag. 0615 hit and YHC checked the watch to see we got right at 3 miles (including the distance with the 11’s). Good work men!


Prayer Requests/Praises

  • Cousteau’s girlfriend and her job interview up north
  • Patch’s 2.0
  • Injured PAX


  • Sign up for the SASQUATCH
  • Tonka has the Q at The Clydesdales on Thursday


The plan was to keep it simple today. With the rain, YHC knew there were going to be a lot of standing puddles, and the fields would be in bad shape. There was a good push by all the PAX this morning. Good work gents! Thanks to BJ for the opportunity to lead. Until next time…

Chimi Out!

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