YHC arrived at Alice Keene a few minutes early to unload a couple of coupons (little mermaid helped, thanks brother). I had planned on 10 to 12 pax, well when 5:10 rolled around there were a few more so thankfully Bono and Candy Cane had sandbags in tow (also thanks). 5:15 arrived. No FNGs so we got started.

Rucks overhead for instruction. YHC briefed about teamwork and the need to work together throughout.

Warm up:

Overhead press x 15 IC

Ruck curl x 15 IC

Ruck Swings x 15 IC

Rucks On:

Tempo Squats x 15 IC

Merkins x 15 IC

pax the count off (1-2-1-2)

pax then split into two teams. Team leaders Joker and Patch were given a route to the back soccer field. Each team was given the following coupons:

1 stretcher

3 60 lb sandbags

1 ammo can

1 35 lb dumbbell

pax then moved on their assigned routes to the soccer field. As both teams arrived coupons were grounded. Pax lined up on the sideline. Pax instructed to stay together as a team. Pax bear crawled to the midpoint together then lunged to the opposite sideline together. Pax the returned to the other sideline with rucks overhead and shuffling together. Pax then instructed to baby crawl together across the field. Return to other sideline shuffling together.

Pax circled up for the following:

Ruck Thrusters x 15 IC

Squats x15 IC

Ruck Roll x 15 IC

pax were then devided up into their teams and instructed that all coupons to be on the stretchers so approximately 240 lbs on each. Pax followed the path through the woods to the gravel parking lot.

Staying with their team each team would throw a 60 pound sandbag to the opposite side of the parking lot and back. First round using a Chest press toss. Second round using a side toss (hay bale toss). Once finished pax retrieved the stretchers and all coupons and rucked  to the playground equipment.

Stretchers were dropped and pax shuffled to the concession stand per request of Little Mermaid to support a pancreatic cancer research. Balls to the wall for photo shoot. #HeardatF3 may not need to hear the commentary made here. Pax then transitioned to people’s chair alternating between rucks overhead, on legs or out in front.

Pax then moved to the picnic shelter for

Step ups x 15 IC

Dips x 15 IC

Derkins x 15 IC

Pax returned to the path and back to retrieve the stretchers. Ruck back to the flag and drop coupons just in time for Flutter kicks with rucks overhead x 25 IC. 6:15 hard stop!


Prayer requests:

patches 2.0 upcoming interview


Little Mermaid Q at the schoolyard tomorrow

Noonan Q at BLP tomorrow

Vanilla Q at the good fight Thursday

February challenge points for kotters and FNG

4 year convergence Saturday at BLP with 6 am EC run or ruck. Breakfast afterwards.

13.1 mike Ruck Feb 23 launch from Tucker at 5 AM



It felt good to get out there and lead the ruck workout again, it’s been a while. It is great to have the comraderie and competition all in the same workout. Thanks for all that showed up and put in the work. Apologies to Bono for his soiled sack. Also, thanks Bearded Jester for the opportunity (and for the lead on the $20 stretchers). Always a pleasure gentlemen.

Ma Bell Out!



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