Four for EC – Patch, Vanilla, QIC and Chimichanga.  Got in almost two miles.

Split ten into two groups old school style with the count off method.  Gave teams four way points to reach and return as soon as possible.  Kicker – had to complete ten Merkins at each stop.  Both teams completed it within a few seconds of each other.  Short ten count and headed to the Picnic shelter for a round of sevens on each side of picnic table.  Squats and Derkins.  Mosey to the new basketball court for some PT, been wanting to try it out since it was put in.  Ruck Curls, Ruck Swings etc.  Ruck Up and Mosey around the trail and back to Playground set for partner pull-ups.  Pick a partner and complete 20 pull-ups as a pair.  Spotting was encouraged, and yes men keep your rucks on!  Mosey to the back parking lot for some Lunges, Squats and Bear Crawls.  Had to add in some Flutterkicks for Tap and Vanilla.  Mosey by the senior center and back to the flag.  Enjoyed it men, thanks for the fellowship.  Until next time……

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